Friday, June 6, 2014

Random Five Friday

1.  I've been riding Lucy in the mornings before work.  She's so much fun to ride that I have to schedule her days off or I'd end up riding her every day.  We are quickly becoming very attached to each other.

2.  I never know for sure what Lucy and I are going to focus on in our rides.  Some mornings, like yesterday, we don't do anything except work on relaxation.  This morning, she was much more relaxed so we did quite a bit of lateral work and some counter canter.  We were both hot and sweaty, and happy, when we finished.

3.  The other animals join in the action.  Do you see the deer doing extended trot in the pasture behind us?

4.  Kersey wanted to know if Lucy can do this move.  Yes, Kersey, but not with me on her back.

5.  Sedona, on the other hand, has had a tough few days.  She stopped eating and started wheezing.  Instead of being on alert in watch dog mode, she sprawled on the ground with her head down and eyes closed.  We increased her pain med dosage and crossed our fingers.  I was sure we were approaching good bye.  This evening, she rallied a bit.   Her appetite wasn't huge but she did eat.  And she laid on the front porch with us, head up and ears at attention; surveying her domain; on duty.


  1. Winston and his new person look really happy together, as do Lucy and her new person.
    I hope Sedona is ok. It's so difficult when they get to that age.

  2. Oh Annette I am so sorry about Sedona.
    Kersey does look relaxed and that deer is so pretty.
    I am so happy you and Lucy found each other. Hug B

  3. To quote: "I Love Lucy!"

    Very sorry to hear about Sedona's troubles.

  4. it's wonderful to read about how much you are having.

    I hope that Sedona perks up.

  5. Lucy is beautiful. I'm reading backwards through your blog still trying to find out how you found her!


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