Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No Lesson Today

Brett was up at 5:00 this morning to feed Lucy before hauling down to PEC for my 8:00 lesson.  I dozed until 5:30, then got up and made myself some breakfast, packed my work clothes and put on my makeup -- not much, just a bit of eye shadow and mascara.  I fetched Lucy from the pasture, groomed and loaded her in the trailer.  Pistol watched from the pasture and started screaming the minute she saw Lucy in the trailer.

Where are you going?  Where are you taking Lucy?  You forgot me!

I pulled my little car out of the garage and followed Brett down the driveway at 6:25.  Pistol went airborne along the fenceline; bucking and launching herself in the air while screaming at us.  Lucy called back a few times and then we were down the road, out of sight.

We pulled into PEC and parked at 7:30.  I unloaded Lucy without incident and tacked her up.  We walked over to Sandy's barn which was quiet; no groom, no Sandy.  Hmmm.  I checked the white board which had student names and lesson times.  My name wasn't there.  Worried double hmmm.  I decided to warm up Lucy while waiting for Sandy to arrive even though it wasn't yet 8:00.

At 8:10 Brett sent Sandy a text asking if the lesson was on.  Meanwhile, I kept working Lucy.

Canter, counter-canter, leg yield, haunches in, short strides, extended strides: you name it, if we knew how to do it, we did.

At 8:30 we called it quits.  I had been riding for almost 45 minutes and needed to hightail it into work. Sandy called me on my cell as we were walking back to the trailer.  Her groom, who kept her schedule on track, stopped working for Sandy last week.  And, I really should have sent a reminder text last night.  We rescheduled for next week and I did get a nice ride on Lucy.  I just wish Sandy could have seen us.

I changed into my work clothes in the horse trailer tack room, sweating like a pig.  I downed a bottle of water on my way into work and walked into my office with a layer of grime on top of my make up.  Okay, you couldn't see it, but that's how it felt.  I have a sample spritzer of perfume in my office -- I hope it covered up the smell of horse.

Meanwhile, Brett hauled Lucy back home.  Pistol was waiting and as soon as she saw the trailer, she started up screaming and racing around.  Brett parked, lowered Lucy's trailer window, and Lucy crammed as much of her body as she could out of the window and called back to Pistol; "I'm home!  They didn't sell me!  I get to stay here!"  Brett was afraid Lucy would be prancy and pushy when he unloaded her, but she stood still until he was ready to lead her out and then walked out calmly.

I'm calling it a successful day.


  1. Oh wow I have missed so much!! I just spent several days getting caught up on your blog. Sorry I didn't leave comments. I'm so sorry about your mom. I can't even imagine how hard that must be.

    I'm sad you had to sell Winston but I totally understand since I recently went through a similar situation with Faran. I'm glad he went to a good home. I kind of envy the girl who got him. I would have bought him if I had the money lol.

    Lucy is perfect for you!!!!!! And so gorgeous! I'm so happy you found such a great match for you. Horses are too expensive and risky to waste time on one you don't mesh well with.

    I'll try not to get so behind on reading your blog again! I've missed it. I hope Sedona is doing alright. Also I love your new chickens, especially the Polish.

  2. I'm laughing so hard from the "They didn't sell me" comment.

    At some point I will have the opportunity to haul my horse somewhere, and I'm pretty sure she will think she's sold again, cuz why else would she be getting hauled?

    Although chestnut's not as bad as I thought, I have total bay envy reading your blog.

  3. This truly sounds like a successful day, even though you didn't get to take the lesson :) Lucy looks very relaxed and happy. I would love being able to ride before I go to work in the morning...but getting up at 5:30 am? I don't think I would make it ;) Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  4. Looks like you and Lucy gave yourselves a lovely lesson.

  5. that made me smile. I have to admire your dedication to haul to a lesson before work. I would consider that a test run. It seems to me that you all passed.


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