Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It Feels Like Summer

I know summer is still more than two weeks away, officially, but I'm telling you: summer is here.  The days are hot.  The early mornings are nice and cool so we get up early and ride then.  The afternoon is a total loss.  The temperatures climb and climb and climb, reaching their peak at around 5pm.

Passage follows the shade, whether that is in my garden or under the butterfly bush.

The geldings spend their time under the oak trees.

And the mares are spending the middle of the day in the barn.  They don't have trees in their pasture and the large oak nearest their fence doesn't throw shade until later in the day.

Lucy is settling in well.  She seems to like it here at Oak Creek Ranch.

And Winston left for his new home on Monday.  I'm sure he's loving the attention he is getting from his new owner.


  1. I can't take the heat and would be in the shade too. I am so happy about Winston!!!!!

  2. Who wouldn't like it at Oak Creek?:) Hug B

  3. i am SO happy the young lady bought winston! bless them both!!

  4. Sad to see Winston go, but good that he's gone to a good home, where he'll be loved.

  5. So glad Winston found a happy home.
    I can't believe how big your butterfly bush is. They grow a bit bigger than knee high here.

  6. congratulations on finding Winston a home! You must feel good about how everything turned out


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