Monday, June 16, 2014

Congratulations, Kyle!

My son, Kyle, graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo on Sunday.

We drove down to my dad's house on Friday.  Since Sunday was going to be all about celebrating Kyle, we celebrated Fathers Day Friday night.  I brought a rhubarb, strawberry and blueberry cobbler.  A huge one.  We ate it for dessert Friday night and Saturday -- there was only a small piece to leave with my dad when we left.

I made pork roast with crackling skin -- I know, so unhealthy; but SO GOOD.  I roasted potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and some summer squash with the roast.  Kyle joined us for dinner before running back to his house to pack up his belongings.

Saturday, we had lunch with our friends Heather and Steve who came up for the graduation.  We also found the artist who made our front gate -- he recently relocated to Cambria.  We commissioned a pelican sculpture for my mom's memorial garden.  My sister and I went through some more of my mom's stuff.  She had carefully labeled everything -- where it was from (my parents traveled extensively) and who gave it to her.  It was difficult being in the house without her there.  I felt her presence in the towels in the bathroom, in the African violets by the fountain, and in her spices in the pantry.

Sunday, Kyle marched into the stadium for the formal commencement ceremony.  Then we gathered with the school of computer engineering where one of his classmates gave a personal and funny speech.  Kyle's name was called; his diploma received; and then we celebrated further at our favorite restaurant -- Thomas Hill Organics.

After feasting, we drove up to my sister's house.  The back of our truck was filled with Kyle's furniture and bike.  His car was stuffed with clothes and other belongings.  Kyle will live with my sister when he starts his new job.  She lives in the next town over and it will give him time to find his own place.  Housing is astronomical in the Silicon Valley so it is going to take some homework.
Kyle with my dad

We got home just before midnight.  It was a long, but proud, weekend.

Yeah, he's tall.  I'm just a smidge under 5'9" and I look like a dwarf next to him.


  1. Congratulations to Kyle & best of luck to him in his new job. It sounds like you had a nice weekend, and I'm sure your Dad was very happy to have you all there.

    (ps. You're 5'9"? Whoa, YOU'RE tall! In my head, you've been about the same as me, 5'4)

  2. Congratulations to Kyle! Sounds like you all had a great family weekend. Your Dad is adorable! I never tried that crisp combo...good idea.

  3. how awesome! congrats to him - glad he has a place to stay for a while before launching into his own rental. the dessert looks awesome!


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