Friday, October 25, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1. I discovered salmon in my 20s through my friend Janice. Up until that time, my experience with salmon had been limited to salmon patties and other disgusting variations. Janice invited me over to her place for freshly caught salmon, barbecued. It was a revelation. I loved it up until the time I was pregnant with Camille. Her father ate salmon at least once a week, while I hid the bedroom with my nose pressed against the screen, trying to breathe in air that didn't smell like fish. Periodically, as Camille and her brother grew, I would try to eat salmon but my stomach always turned.  All other varieties of fish tasted wonderful and I've been happily eating Ahi, halibut, trout and even catfish all these years.  A few weeks ago, Brett and I went to a wine and food function at a local winery. One of the food pairings was salmon. I thought, what the heck, and took a bite. My stomach didn't roll and the salmon tasted awfully good. It was a small piece of fish, about the size of a ping pong ball, and I ate it all. Last week, I bravely ordered salmon at a work dinner and loved it. Last night, I made it for dinner. It was delicious. Camille is 19 now -- I disliked salmon for a long time.

2. Speaking of kids, I was reading Inger's blog and she posted about not having kids of her own. Although it was her choice, she sometimes wishes she had a grandchild. When I was a teenager and in my 20s, I didn't want kids at all. I didn't particularly like little kids and I didn't want to be tied down. Then my sister had a baby when I was in my late 20s. I adored Nicholas and spent every weekend that I could at her house babysitting. I didn't have Camille and Kyle until I was in my 30s and I loved (almost) every minute of their childhood. I'm still not a gushy fan of little kids -- toddlers and babies especially -- but I sure enjoy adolescents and teenagers. I know, I'm weird.

3. Brett and I are traveling to San Diego this weekend for the wedding of our nephew, Pete, and his lovely fiance, Jen. We're looking forward to spending time with Brett's brother and sister, as well. Vanessa will be looking after the animals and Sedona will be on raccoon patrol.

4. Kersey has been spending a lot of time under the house retrieving footballs and other remnants from prior owners.  She's very busy and very pleased with herself.

5.  Our oak trees are starting to turn golden.  I was sitting on the porch last weekend when a breeze brushed through the trees.  The air above the front lawn was full of gold snow; the leaves are snowflake size and they hung, drifted and swayed glitter gold on their way down to the ground.

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  1. enjoy your family time this weekend. :)

  2. Nice post. I love grilled salmon. Don't know too many people who enjoy the adolescent/teen years. That made me laugh! Have a great time in San Diego! Aloha

  3. Oh I LOVE salmon that is a long time not to like it:)
    I read Ingers blog and made me think I did not have my girls till late either. I loved her post.
    Have fun at the wedding sounds like the place will be well looked after. Hug B

  4. Phew, caught up with your blog! It's all going well for you, delighted to read about it :-)
    Have a great weekend

  5. I'm curious about this post... I don't know Inger's blog. Anyone want to share the link?

    It was interesting learning about when and why you had your kids. I actually want kids (sometimes), but I'm too terrified to have them. I've thought about fostering or adopting someday though. I wish I could have grandkids someday without having any kids LOL!!

    I'm glad you like salmon again! It takes a long time to start liking something again when you have such a strong negative association with it (like what happened with you or food poisoning or whatever). Thirty plus years later and my mom still won't eat watermelon after getting sick.

  6. Glad you are able to get away. Safe trip. My Grands are still children, and I'm enjoying every moment I can spend with them. I'm glad their teen years won't be my responsibility!

  7. Just had my first baby and my Mom is beyond thrilled to be a Grandma. We did not decide to have a baby until nearly our mid-thirties. I am also not a baby person, but MY baby has become the most fascinating person I know. :)

  8. I quite like teenagers myself.

  9. No grandchildren of my own and I am one to gush over babies... and puppies and kittens too. ;)


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