Saturday, October 12, 2013

Making the Bed

I bundled up in my warm ranch jacket for chores this morning.  I was still wearing it when we went to the farmers market.  We were there early because the moving company was sending a truck out to pick up our empty boxes.  The truck was waiting when we got back home at 9:00.  While Brett helped them load boxes, I put the vegetables and fruit away.  I asked one of the farmers, who had gorgeous basil, why my basil always turns black in the refrigerator.  He said to treat it like a bouquet: cut the bottom of the stems off and put the basil in water. He said it will last a few weeks and even grow roots.  I love talking to the farmers about their produce.

The front porch looks great with all the boxes gone.  The boxes had been stacked, two deep, as high as the window -- covering the window.

Brett wanted to go into town and look for shelving for the laundry room.  The lumber yard was closed for inventory - the nerve.  So, we went to the nursery instead.  I bought lavender, salvia and penstemon to plant where the picket fence used to be.  I traded my jacket for a sweatshirt, got to work planting and Brett got to work with the weed whacker.
Penstemon "Glitterbelle"
Lavender "Silver Frost"

Salvia "Hot Lips"
I added iris, daffodil and then sprinkled a mix of Sierra wildflowers over the top.  Everything is deer resistant except the wildflowers.

Brett was weed whacking under the oak trees next to the dressage court.  It looks like a park now.  In the future, he should be able to stay on top of the mowing with his ride-on mower.  We never did ride.  The horses didn't seem to mind; they were very busy.

We finished up as the sun was going down.  As soon as the sun sinks, it gets cold.  I lit a fire, threw some sweet potatoes from the farmers market into the oven, and took a long hot shower.  My shoulders ached from digging holes all afternoon.  But its a good ache and my flower bed is made.  Time for wine.


  1. I love the photo of your busy horses!
    Your floral picket fence will be beautiful next year, in fact I think the whole property will be beautiful!

  2. Hi Annette,lovely to read about you and Brett putting your own unique stamp on the new place,you are making me want to go out and do some gardening! Thank you for the very useful tip on keeping basil fresh! Both my hubby and I love basil pesto!

  3. that you are planting in october is so odd, what a crazy climate you have there. i love salvia. we're in leaf-raking mode now, that should continue another 6 weeks or so, walnut leaves everywhere, i hate it, but love the smell, they smell like menthol. we haven't made a fire yet, but it's definitely time for gluehwein! i went to the store to get a bottle and they were out, so i tried "egg liquor" and that was really good too. the germans and their christmas foods/drinks, it is the only good thing about winter. (and the christmas markets, i love them so!)

  4. sounds like a pretty perfect day.

  5. What a lovely, very satisfying day!

  6. It's hard to believe that not so long ago you were in limbo waiting to finally close on this property. A lot has happened since then...I would not want to move either. What a great place!

  7. Lavender is on my wish list for new plantings in the spring. Excellent tip about the basil, too! I'll remember that for next year, all of mine is gone after an early frost.

    Thank you for leaving such a wonderful note over at my place today. I appreciate the feedback!



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