Friday, October 4, 2013

Random 5 Friday

I am trying something new this week -- a link to A Rural Journal's Random 5 Friday.  I found the link through blogger buddy Buttons.    I'm going to put my own spin on it, mixing the random stuff with answers to questions I've received throughout the week in the comments.  Some of the questions are outside the usual scope of this blog, so this will give me an opportunity to answer.  If you have a question, throw it out there and I'll answer it next Friday (if not sooner).

1. My dad wanted to know if I like my new job.  Fortunately, the answer is yes.  The move has been good all the way around.  We love our new home, our neighbors and living in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Monday thru Friday I drive down from the mountains to the Sacramanto delta - a big weather difference.  It is typically 15 degrees warmer at work so I've messed up on the wardrobe front a few times -- dressing for brrr cold and arriving to 80F.  I like the company (honest, mission driven, high quality), the people (smart and friendly) and the work (challenging).

2.  Lori asked if we bring the horses into the barn at night when the temperatures dip into the 30s.  We leave the horses in the pasture as much as possible.  They have shelter there so unless there is a storm, they are out.  We have hardy beasties here.  .... well, except for the dogs.  They come in at night when its cold.

3.  Lori also asked if I have tried turning Winston in a tight circle when he pulls his backing up and out of the arena tricks.  Yep, I've tried that.  We turn but the second we stop, he starts backing again.  The most effective thing I've found with him is to ask for leg yield.  It requires concentration on his part so he focuses on moving sideways instead of bucking or running backwards.

4.  Brett painted the breakfast area a cheerful red.  We love it.  The color makes me smile and it brings out the beautiful cherry wood in the table.

5.  I think our furniture works better in this house than in our home at Aspen Meadows.  Our furniture was designed specifically for that house so I think its funny that it looks better here.  Maybe it was waiting for this old farmhouse too.


  1. Oh Annette your furniture looks perfect in that farmhouse and I am so happy you like your job. You will figure out the temp change thing with time. I cannot believe you have been there such a short time and after all those nasty bumps in the road you are truly where you needed to be. I like that your horses are out all the time I am sure they love it there too. Dogs are silly like that:) Thank you Hug B

  2. Lots of answers today thanks! Love the way you new farmhouse is looking. Our kitchen is red.

  3. So happy to meet you Annette and thrilled you decided to share about yourself on R5F. I think you will find this to be a friendly community of an eclectic mix of devoted bloggers. Welcome!

    Congrats on your new job and beautiful home -- I likely would not have the courage to paint a wall red, but it really looks nice in your kitchen.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  4. I really love that living room decor !
    My kind of coffee table too .

  5. Love the red! (we have a tendency to go red too here and there - its cheery and seductive and classic all at once :)

    Sometimes for me we just have to grab mane and ride it out - you take such good care of your horses, to expect them to behave for you for such a short time out of their day is not asking a lot of them - encouraging them through their "fit" to find the solution with you, concentrating on you - Im thinking of this one thought of "im not asking you to die for me right now for petes sake, please listen" always gives me the patience to help work it out with them...what your doing of getting him to think on a leg yield IMO is a great solution...Youre classically trained, right? "Pull a Littauer and get er' done" has been my motto from childhood on LOL

    And yes, Im not originally from Montana, how can you tell :D

  6. I am loving that you have made good decisions all around and even the furniture agrees

  7. Go bold or go home! Red room looks lovely. The farmhouse is shaping up great Annette - cozy + up to date.

    (sent you an email)

  8. Love the bold red color! Always wanted to do that! It was also, my Mom's fave color! I believe it is the color of "passion"...Nice post!

    Aloha, and welcome to Random 5...

  9. Sounds like you guys have made a wonderful move...I love that red, too.


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