Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finally Fall

This morning when I left for work at 7:00 it was 37F. Fall is definitely here. The flock of wild turkeys that live half way down the lane are huge and fat, with beautiful tail feathers. I've enjoyed watching them grow from scrawny babies into adults. A doe and her twins are usually with the turkeys, all grazing together. The doe watches me with her dark flannel eyes as I drive by. Sometimes another doe joins the group. The mountains around us are full of black tailed deer, quail and turkey. They provide food for the mountain lions and bear -- which thankfully I haven't seen. Further down the road, a flock of geese congregate in the school field.

Monday, I drove home from work and went into the (still) vacant house. Three weeks without furniture, in sunshine and in rain. The flooring was supposed to be completed in two weeks. Entering week four with the furniture on the front porch was not what I had planned. Something in me broke, my patience and my happy anticipation fled. I stomped around the house, unhappy...angry. The beds in Camille's room, which I had made with care, were in pieces. The carpet guys had moved them out to lay the new carpet in her room. A mattress and bed frame were on the upstairs landing, another mattress and box spring were crammed into the doorway of Kyle's room. The quilts were piled on the floor, the bedding strewn amongst the pillows. I could feel Brett watching me as I stomped around.

I don't know if Brett said something to the flooring guy, but Tuesday when I got home the house was back together. The base boards were on the wood floor; the carpet was done and the laundry room tile was set. The washer and dryer were back in the laundry room. The couch was back in the great room. Our house was back. I happily scurried around putting throw pillows on the sofa and making those beds up again.

Tonight, I am sitting on the couch with a fire cracking and spitting in the wood stove.

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  1. Why are you spitting in the wood stove? You trying to put the fire out?

  2. Ha ha Brett. Sorry it took so long to get your house back. Now, when you have some time could you take some pictures? That's quite a change in the the horses go in the barn at night?

  3. Frustrating times :-( but you're really getting there Annette, you've made so much progress.
    We are going to take our time making changes here. There is only so much we'll do anyway, given that it's a rental.

  4. Glad you have your house back. Sometimes a little melt down is just what it takes.

  5. Oh that would be disappointing to see but it all worked out and we all have those moments in life we are allowed to stomp and pout:) Fire sounds nice. Hug B

  6. Good stomp session - we all need those once in awhile...

    but i have found in visiting the neighbors - one whose house burned down last year, and another who cannot even afford a microwave, always puts things into perspective for me.

    That... and tequila.


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