Friday, October 18, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1. Lytha wondered why I was planting in October. It is best time of year to plant perennials -- at least in California. The days are warm but the nights are cold. The soil is still nice and warm. When you nestle a new plant into the ground the roots reach and stretch, getting a strong presence before the cold and sleep set in. Meanwhile, the upper part of the plant doesn't do anything because all the energy is being used underground. In the spring, the plant wakes up with its running shoes already on and gets to work. With its root system well established, the above ground part thrives. Of course, this doesn't work with annuals or summer vegetables but it is the best way to plant steady-Eddy shrubs.

2. Spaghetti frittata -- so easy, so good, so many requests for the recipe. Click here to go to My Carolina Kitchen where I found the recipe. I used basil instead of parsley since that is what I had on hand. The trick is to have everything ready to go: the cheese grated, the eggs beaten, the herbs chopped because it goes fast. The recipe directs you to tilt the pan over the burner flame to brown the edges. I have a flat top cooktop so I just left it on the burner until it was nicely browned. It worked fine.

3. Feral Janice suggested that I do a work night recipe series. I'm thinking about it; maybe not a full-on series but a weekly post... Its a possibility.

4. This morning when I left for work, I heard on the traffic report that there was an accident that had one of the freeway lanes (there are only two) closed. I decided to take back roads and bypass the inevitable congestion. Now that the nights are consistently in the 30s, the trees are brilliant orange, red and gold. I might have to take the scenic route more often.

5. The fence is coming apart in the oak pasture. Brett figures 40 posts need to be replaced plus cross rails and wire. He was awake all night worrying about how to get that done -- who to hire, and how to pay for it. Ranch life... a never-ending money pit.


  1. "Ranch life a neverending money pit" oh yes that it is but worth every dime tell Brett the older you get the easier it seems to accomplish those jobs the initial output is the hard one but after that just lots of maintaining LOTS of it:):) It will work out. I remember this stuff. Still worth it.
    That Feral woman is just full of great ideas. Thanks for the recipe.
    Backroad photos are wonderful.
    Have a nice weekend. Hug B

  2. a hearty amen on #5! :) but worth the soul fill.


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