Friday, October 11, 2013

Random 5 Friday

As promised, Fridays will be my "answer questions" day and if I don't have five questions, I'll add some random facts to make up my 5. I'm linking to Rural Journal.  Hop over to read more random posts.

1. I was asked if it is too cold for the vegetables I planted in my new raised planter bed. Honestly, I don't know. This is our first winter living in the Sierra foothills so I will learn. The thyme, chives and rhubarb will weather the winter fine. It may be too late for the sugar snap peas but I'm hoping to squeak a handful before the frost kills them. I figure 50/50 on them. The lettuce won't last long once we get regular hard frosts but I'm hoping it will grow until December.

2. Feral friend Janice asked if I am classically trained and suggested that I ride like Vlad Littauer. Who?? I had to Google the guy. He was a Russian teacher and trainer, primarily of jumpers, and he was a big advocate of "forward" and riding in a hunter seat. I don't ride in a hunter seat much -- I never was a real jumper. The question about me being classically trained gave me pause. As a kid, I rode bareback on borrowed horses or western at the rental stable. I never had a lesson other than those given at the rental stable. When I was 40, I discovered dressage and started taking lessons. So, my lessons have all been classical but my formative riding years were all about yee-haw, jumping logs bareback (and falling off) and trail riding. It does tickle me no end to think about the label "classical" applying to me.

3. My very favorite author, Alice Munro, won the Nobel prize for literature. She's a Canadian writer of short stories. Amazing short stories. She writes about living in a small town; about the people and the choices they make; how small choices can change and shape a life. If you haven't read her stories, give her a try. She is one of the few authors that I read and re-read over and over again.

4. While unpacking a box, I found a Christmas letter I wrote in 2001. We had just purchased the land for Aspen Meadows, our house in the suburbs was for sale, Brett was pouring over house plans, and I was stressing about living in a travel trailer for three months with two small children and a big dog. Its a good thing I didn't know that it would be close to a year living in that travel trailer while Aspen Meadows was built.

5. I am never moving again. Never. I unpacked the last box tonight. I'm done.

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  1. I like the last random fact!!! Wish I could say the same but I'm quite sure we'll move at least once more, maybe more.

  2. I think riding mostly bareback as a child is the best "classical" training you can get - it tends to form your posture and seat in lots of ways that are beneficial. I had the same sort of childhood riding experience you did, and never had any formal lessons until I was in college.

  3. Oh Annette that Feral is smart and observant like that and she would know if you looked professional, I think she is right you always look professional to me.I love the way you learned that is the way I learned but unfortunately it never stuck for me.
    Alice Munro rural Ontario writer oh she is my role model a short story Canadian writer who did the impossible yes she is a great role model. I would like to grow up to be just like her:) Way to go Alice.
    That old Christmas letter is an eye opener isn't it oh yes it was worth every minute wasn't it... I know. You are home for sure now. Hug B

  4. For me, classical dressage is a very positive way to describe what you are studying. In the days when I took lessons I was taught the difference between that and a different approach that was into cranking and other methods of forcing horses, rather than working with them slowly and in a language they could comprehend. What happens at the Olympic level to some of these poor animals is very discouraging (and cruel) as the judges do nothing about it. Stick with what you are doing...Winston will love you for it.

  5. i have moved once to be with the hubby. i would love to move again. have you moved multiple times? ( :

  6. let the dust settle. and your bones settle with it. :)

  7. I also wondered about the winter gardening options where you are...

    I'll bet you can very easily have lettuces, greens, parsley, cilantro and dill through the winter if your clever, handy husband makes you a cold frame.

    Posts + heavy duty plastic sheeting will work if you don't want to use old windows etc. Plenty of mulch too. You can do it! :D

    (need your address)

  8. Never say never. ;)

    Loved learning more about your history at your farm.


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