Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trying to be Spring

Spring comes to Southern California in February.  But, we live in the mountains where frost isn't unusual in early May.  My garden is confused.  Most of the plants are still dormant but there are signs of life.  My rhubarb has cautiously poked a few curly leaves away from the root, little leaf toes poking their way to the sun.  There are a few brave flowers as well.  Daffodils are appearing, although they haven't started blooming for the most part.

 Hyacinth, one of my favorites, are almost done.  Done?!  The weather has been so cold that I haven't had a chance to lay down on the grass and stick my nose into the middle of these fragrant puffs. 

A few daffodils have opened.  
Brett is out mowing with the weed whacker today.  He promised to be careful of the daffodils.  I have them everywhere.  Under trees, on the slopes, amongst the boulders... they are my favorite flower and I have planted a lot of them.

Kersey has recovered well from her ACL flare up.  She's back to bouncing around.  Thank you all for your concern -- she sends you all wet doggy kisses and a slap of her tail against your leg. 


  1. Glad to hear Kersey is doing better! Oh those flowers are just beautiful. We have bulbs popping up, but no flowers yet. My daphne has been trying to burst forth in bloom all month, but it's not quite there yet. It usually blooms in February. I love spring flowers, and those are among my favorites too. I am so looking forward to warmer, longer days! Oh, and riding! :) Thanks for the tip about the sweet potatoes, I'm going to try that. I really appreciate your kind comments on my blog too. Thanks.

  2. What's Spring?
    Your flowers are beautiful.

  3. You can't imagine what a snowy mess it is back here. I am so jealous! Good news about Kersey.

  4. Oh to see doffs again will be so lovely ...snow finally letting go here in New England , for the moment. Thanks for sharing!

  5. So glad Miss K is doing so well and thank you for the reminders of spring (we will likely not see those for another month or 2).


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