Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Wee Bit of Snow

All day yesterday, the weather report kept getting worse and worse.  By the time I got home from work, they were calling for heavy snow in the evening and overnight.  We were expected to get in the neighborhood of six inches which is a lot for us.  When we went to bed, close to 11:00, it was very windy and we could hear ice being hurled against the windows.  But no snow. 

This morning, we woke to half an inch of snow and clear skies.  It must have also rained before the skies cleared and the temperatures dropped into the 20s because there was a thin sheet of ice covering the snow, the sidewalks and the patches of bare ground.  Walking down to the barn was a treacherous.  I thought of Lori and Kate falling on ice recently and walked extra slowly and carefully.

The horses were hanging out at the bottom of the pasture in the sun but they came running when they heard Brett with the hay cart.

The sun stayed out all day but the wind hung around as well so temperatures were far from comfortable.  It was, however, enough to melt the snow by noontime.  In the late afternoon, we let the horses out to graze a bit.

Poor Jackson can't come out and graze.  With his insulin resistant condition, grazing on green grass would put him into a tailspin.  He doesn't understand that of course.  He stood in his paddock looking forlorn and giving me the stink eye.

The donkeys begged to come out but they don't have grazing privileges either.  They look sweet and innocent here, but they REFUSE to be caught and we don't enjoy the "challenge" of getting them back into the pasture.

Monday was Brett's birthday.  I made his favorite dinner: barbecued ribs, scalloped potatoes, homemade rolls and sauteed mushrooms.  For dessert I made creme brulée.  You can't beat creme made with fresh eggs.

We have lots of leftovers.  Come on over!


  1. Just a note to Annette's followers. There are no leftovers; finished them today-----all by myself.

  2. Just a thought, but have you ever considered using a grazing muzzle so Jackson could spend a few minutes with the others on the grass. He looks so sad!

  3. Happy Birthday Brett, even if you did deprive us:)

  4. I saw the grazing muzzle comment and thought for a moment that it was referring to Brett...

    Anyway, Hey, SNOW! In SoCal? Nuts!! The world is gone crazy!

  5. Happy Birthday Brett! You just had to finish those leftovers...while I was trying to book a flight. Had to be delish.


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