Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Clothes

When we got home from the Central Coast Sunday night, the house was freezing cold.  We have been trying to get warm every since.  The wood stove is working overtime in the evenings but then we head off to work -- and the temperature in the house drops again. 

This morning, Brett left at 4am to go to the funeral of his best friend's mother up in Bakersfield.  The bed got really cold with him gone.  He's a great heater.  Way better than a hot water bottle.  Anyway, the dogs and I went down to do chores at 7am in the freezing cold -- 24F.  Brrr.  I didn't even bother trying to turn the water on in the barn.  Can you see the frost on the barn roof?  The roof is normally black.

I haven't had a chance to ride Winston since last week between the rain, being out of town, and work.  I scooted home after my last meeting today and got home just before dark.  There wasn't time to ride, but I did take Winston into the arena and free lunge him for awhile.  I left him out while I mucked the pasture.

When I brought hay into the pasture, he didn't even look up.  The others dug in while I went to gather my grazing boy.

After finishing the evening chores, I grabbed Winston's blanket.  Oh, great.  A small tear in the lining had ripped completely down the entire blanket, leaving big hunks of fuzzy filler hanging out.  It was not salvageable.  Jackson has been wearing a light blanket since he isn't clipped and just needs something to keep him dry when it rains.  Jackson's medium weight blanket was folded, neat and clean, on the shelf in the tack room.  It fit Winston.  Thank goodness. 

And the color suits him too.


  1. Poor Winston. Maybe some day he will be as tough as Flash and Mufasa.

  2. Has he grown?? He looks bigger, somehow, maybe it's the different blanket!

    Nice to see the whole herd hanging out together.

  3. Such a handsome boy and I think your temps are colder than ours! How weird is that?

  4. laughing at brett's comment. :)

    love the 'meet me at the hay pole' area.

  5. How nice of Jackson to share, but too bad about the blanket. Hopefully the weather improves soon and he won't need one much longer.

  6. Winston is looking good - Brett's comment cracked me up. :D


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