Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  Do you go out to dinner?  Buy chocolates?  Drink champagne?  We stay home and I make something special for dinner.  Last night when I got home from work I found a bouquet of flowers and a sweet card on the kitchen table.  Tonight I'm making lobster and steak with asparagus and bread on the side.  A nice bottle of wine, bien sûr.  I'm going to set the table with my fine china and maybe a couple candles.  Romance at home.

Today, we trimmed a couple trees in the orchard.  Brett rode Mufasa and I'm hoping to get on Winston a bit later.  We're loading up the horse trailer because tomorrow we head out to a show.  I talked to Gayle, our trainer, this morning and she is sick as a dog with the flu.  She had to scratch her rides so we will be flying solo. 

The weather today was sunny and warm.  It feels like spring.  It will be warm through the weekend and then it will be back to winter.  We're enjoying the warmth while it lasts.

I made a short video for Brett as a Valentines Day gift.  Of course, I'm going to share it with you...


  1. You two are the sweetest! I'll bet Brett had tears in his eyes when he saw the video. Loved every shot.

    No big V day celebrations here...I didn't even make a decent dinner. You have set the bar pretty high.

  2. New to your blog, but I have been enjoying reading through your old posts and getting myself caught up!:)

  3. Oh Annette, I LOVE your video!!! I had tears in my eyes, so I know that Brett did too!!! really is a wonderful life isn't it?

    I'm feeling the love and the gratitude from so many people across the blogging community this past week. All of us have so many blessings to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing!! :)


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