Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Mirrors - oh my!

Winston had his first encounter with mirrors at the El Sueno show.  I walked him past the mirrors on Friday before the show started but he acted like he had never seen them before when we entered the court for our first test on Saturday.
The court was beautiful with a comfortable grassy area for sitting and watching.

Winston wasn't happy, but he walked calmly past the mirrors, giving them the hairy eyeball as he went.

He's looking at another bank of mirrors.  They were everywhere.

Getting his focus back: the first trot circle

There's those mirrors again- but he listened to me.  Note the ear cocked back.  (note to self: look up!)


  1. Its the same for Gracie, but unlike you, I gave up on it! Lol! I can tell you! the Cat Jumps, snorting, head lowering and then the sudden breaks of speed! OMG! It was really bad. So then I gave up. Only in an arena is she like that! I have to admire those who succeed, You look good.

    I must say though, anywhere else, Gracie is a reall Doll!

  2. You two looked great and I'm sure he was wondering - oh gawd when is that "other horse" going to pop out! Good boy Winston, each new encounter will make them easier.

  3. You look wonderful atop your gorgeous horse. Those mirrors are so not fair.

  4. Oh my, aren't horses funny? This made me laugh because I can just picture Winston's reaction! Then again, maybe he's thinking..."wow, what a good looking horse!!!". :)
    You look great too!!


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