Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What the Duck??!

Brett came up with the title for today's blog... because there was a duck swimming in the pool this morning.  I was sitting outside, reading a book, when she joined me.  I just had my iPhone with me and I shot the picture into the sun.  I was afraid to move or go get the camera in case she left.

I've been spending a lot of time reading with my foot in the air and it's getting really old.  I want to help with chores, I want to wear real shoes, and more than anything I want to ride my horse.

But, no, these blasted broken toes have me grounded.  Last Saturday in my lesson with Gayle I kept losing my stirrup.  She suggested raising my iron a hole to give me more stability while my toes heal and also to give me more horse under my leg.  Winston and Flash both lost some weight at Alisal.  They were worked  hard six days in a row.  Winston had already dropped weight since his arrival in January.  I did a fecal count which was clean so I think it is just due to the increased work. 

We've started keeping him in for the morning and giving him a flake of alfalfa in his stall.  He can eat it without being chased off by the other horses and we can ensure he is getting free choice orchard hay as well.  He gets a healthy helping of flax seed in his morning supplements and I don't want to add grain.  He's feisty enough without the added heat. 

I rode Winston Monday morning before work.  It was a disaster.  Even with the stirrup up a notch, I couldn't keep my foot stable in the iron.  I must flex my foot when I ride and, besides my broken toes affecting my ability to balance, it REALLY hurt.  So, my foot was bouncing around and I felt floppy in general.  Winston was irritated.  I think I did more harm than good.  And, I set back healing in my toes a good bit.  I had stopped taking anything for pain but had to start up again for the next two days. 

I planned to get on Winston again today and just work at walk.  However, my toes just stopped talking to me this morning so I'm loathe to irritate them again.  Besides, it hit 90F today and that's just too hot for anything except margaritas.

I think the duck had the right idea.


  1. ouch! :)

    i like your margarita prescription.

  2. Hope those toes heal quickly. Winston is probably ready for a break anyway.
    Love your photos this post.

  3. I definately get the picture as I sit here with my leg up icing it. Hopefully you will heal up quickly. Brett, I am doing a fair amount of walking (walker)and a PT should be coming today along with a home nurse. The strong meds in the hospital really messed me up. I will tough it out with Tylenol.

  4. I can't imagine riding with broken toes! I know that has to be frustrating for you though.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you broke your toes and I hope they will heal soon. I am surprised you work too. Looking after so many critters would be enough for me, I think.
    I also wanted to thank you for sending hugs after Angel passed. I appreciate your friendship so much. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Sound like both you and Winston could use a break. Most people have the opposite problem with their horses. Yours get more than enough exercise.


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