Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Stills: Music Groups or Songs in Pics

Foggy Foggy Dew

When I was a child, my father sang to us while we were driving
 or while we were riding our bikes with him to the doughnut shop on Sunday mornings.  
My sister loved the song "Scarlet Ribbons" 
I always requested "Foggy Foggy Dew"
I didn't understand it, but I was drawn by the love story
and the melancholy tune of the old English folk song.
We had foggy weather Friday morning 
so I snapped some pictures.
Added a couple from the archives.



  1. (i like the winter 'surprises' you threw in)

    wasn't familiar with that song, so thanks for sharing it. :)

  2. Really neat Annette. Love all the dewey photos. Your dad must have been a good singer to take that on. The snow shots are pretty.

  3. Very good!!! A wonderful adaptation of the photo challenge...well done!


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