Friday, May 4, 2012

Kalvin and Flash: BFFs

Flash is the alpha, the herd leader, the aloof head honcho of the pasture here at Aspen Meadows.  So, imagine our surprise when he and Kalvin became inseparable.  Flash used to hang out with Auke, years ago, but it wasn't like this.  These two are never more than a few feet apart.  They eat together, they nap together, they practically pee together.

Do you see Flash's fly mask on the ground by the fence?  Kalvin takes it off of Flash everyday.



  1. too cute! and funny about the fly mask!

  2. A friend has taken on a mustang who will be presented and up for auction in Norco in a couple of weeks. I have a link to her blog in my last post. She hopes to spread the word and find Dinah a great home. Dinah has been backed and ridden from a dressage perspective over the last 90 days. I thought you might know someone or help get the word out. Thanks.

  3. There is nothing like best friends.


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