Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Goat Fix

I haven't been visiting the goats much since my toes broke.  Little Bear has an endearing habit of climbing into your lap and, if you aren't sitting, standing on your feet.  That's a bit painful for me at the moment, especially in sandals. 

This morning while Brett was riding Flash, I looked outside and there was Bella playing on the boulders near the arena.  I gingerly squeezed my toes into my paddock boots, zipped them up, and hobbled out to get her.  She saw me coming and scrambled down off the boulders before I could take a picture of her playing Queen of the Mountain.  She raced over to me, tail wagging.  Yes, goats do have little tails and they wiggle them when they are happy.

I snapped on the leash and led her back into the goat area where I clipped her to her rope.  This is the daily routine with Bella; she is allowed her freedom in the goat area until she jumps out.  Then it's rope time.  The first thing she did when she was back on the rope was get a drink of water.  She can reach the hay feeder and water with her rope.

Brett was busy riding Flash in the arena.  I'm sure Bella jumped out because he was in there.  You can see the arena from the goat pen and she loves to be out with us.

Brett and Flash looked awesome.  Flash was nicely forward and round.  It made me want to get on Winston and work in the worst way.

 My toes aren't ready for more than short ambles around the block at a walk so I turned my attention back to the goats.  The goats were all happy to see me and I felt like I was being mobbed by the paparazzi. 

Whiskey, Bella and Cowboy

Cowboy is a quiet, but persistent, love bug.
I tried sitting on a boulder but that didn't work out too well.  I was seriously over run with goats climbing all over me.  Little Bear took the leash out of my back pocket and they all examined it thoroughly.

Then Little Bear trotted across my toes with his cloven hooves and that sealed the deal.  Back to the house for me.  The goats screamed at me as I walked up the driveway to the house --

How DARE you leave us!! 

Bella and Cowboy: Is it something we said?


  1. awww. your poor little babies. :)

  2. Well, Bella was already out when I entered the arena. I told her to get back home, but she ignored me and said she'll wait until "mom" tells me. Nobody listens to me.

  3. I'm just glad Bella is still with you. Brett, i'LL MAKE SURE gARY READS YOUR message. You guys would make great neighbors.
    Look at all those sweet goaties...poor toes.

    Stapples come out tomorrow morning...I'm staying awake to take my last pain pill before going to sleep. Nite.....

  4. They are so cute!!!
    I hope you get well soon ;)

  5. Be kind to those toes and that last shot of the goats (with caption) is a classic. They are cute little buggers!

  6. When I was young, it was horses, but since I moved here and met up with some goats and donkeys those are now my favorite hoofed critters. And yours are so adorable. Be careful with your toes. Are you supposed to walk that much even?

  7. Well, you tried : ) I am surprised the goats have not chewed through Bella's rope yet. Mine would have worked at it pretty hard. I sure do love your boulders.

  8. Bella seems like a strong-willed goat. She's very cute.

  9. Bella is very cute, even if she is naughty. Is she learning her lesson?


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