Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Humming Along

Saturday after the last rider finished her lesson in the clinic, Gayle and I sat on the viewing stand by the arena talking about how things went.  A low humming noise started up and got louder and louder and LOUDER.  It was getting difficult to talk over the hum and it sounded menacing.  Gayle said "bees" and sure enough, a dust devil sized cloud of them was moving across the center of the arena.  The cloud paused by Camille's pine tree near the chicken pen and the arena gate. 

Later that afternoon, Brett noticed that they had set up residence in the tree.  It looked like a huge pine cone -- about a foot long, hanging from one of the top branches -- comprised of bees. 

Sunday morning, the bees were still there.  I like bees but in small groups; preferably groups of one.  The bees were quiet and we crossed our fingers that they were just resting on their way to a new hive. 
I crept as close as I dared, which wasn't very close, and took some pictures.

They were gone by Sunday evening.  The humming throng of bees is gone, leaving behind just a couple to buzz around my garden and pollinate things.  It was a fascinating occurrence but I'm glad they didn't stick around.


  1. The good news is when they're swarming like that - looking for a new hive location with their queen - they're not aggressive at all - often full of honey for the trip! We had a swarm land on the fence between the mares' and geldings' pastures this week. The swarm rested for an hour or two and then was on its way.

  2. i've seen this once in the place we lived prior to run*a*round. so interesting!

  3. Super cool that you got to see that Annette!! Great pictures.

    I was going to mention what Kate posted - apparently protecting the queen and choosing a new home keep swarming bees surprisingly mellow. We need all the bees we can get. :)

  4. Phew! Brave girl, going that close. We need bees here, they seem to be less this year, but as its been colder and wet, perhaps they`ve gone over to you!

    ps, we`ve got loads of bats?

  5. That's live in your garden,and very nice.

    Thanks for your comment about fox gloves (wonderful pick)

    I have lots of wasps around the pond,and those ones "bites", but I still like them,they haven try me yet ;) But I do my best for not disturb them.

  6. Swarms are pretty docile. I feel comfortable walking right up to them. While they are setting like that, they are sending out scout bees to find a good new location. One will come back with good news and tell them - literally - bees can tell direction, distance, what they found (home, flowers, water...) and then the whole swarm will pick up and fly away. Interesting!

  7. Ewww glad they didn't ALL stay as well. I'm with you, a few to pollinate things then move on please! A beekeeper I will never bee--haha (not bad for first thing in the morning before coffee huh?)

  8. That would scare me terribly and have me running for cover as I am allergic. WOW!!


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