Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bella Update

I got all kinds of comments with ideas for how to keep Bella from roaming around, so I thought I'd give an update.

Electric fence doesn't work.  We have it around the horse pasture and it doesn't slow her down a bit.  She just jumps between the strands and goes on her merry way. 

We tried putting her in Jackson's stall in the barn.  There is stallion fencing around the turnout -- very tall, maybe five feet.  She jumped outta there in less than a minute.  A higher fence around the goat area isn't affordable and I don't think it would stop her.

She doesn't jump out to find food.  The goat area has nice green grass, shrubs, low-hanging tree branches and hay.  There are boulders and logs to jump on on.  She just likes to be out, eating my roses and apple trees, and visiting the neighbors.

Brett tried putting a hobble on her hind legs.  She reached around and pulled it off with her teeth.  Then she jumped off his lap, kicking him in the balls.  I'm surprised she is still alive...

I put a collar on her and I'm working on getting a tag. 

We have a couple people who have expressed an interest in taking her.  I have, of course, made full disclosure of her jumping problem.  She is a super sweet goat -- with a jumping problem.


  1. she is one determined, stubborn, somewhat foolish girl.

  2. That's why I can't have goats. It would drive the neighbors crazy. The only thing I've found that works is very tall chain link fence.

  3. I have no actual knowledge of this product, just have seen the website but it looks cool: Might this work on top of the goat pen to keep her in there? Again, I have nothing to do with the company! But it looks like a neat concept.

  4. I have wondered what you will do. She is a different one that Bella.

  5. Ouch,I feel for poor Brett...! A goat with plenty attitude...

  6. Can you put a roof on the goat enclosure? Although I would feel badly about blocking their access to sunlight. I guess that Bella's jumping is a serious safety problem for her if she wonders off.

    What about a big dog pen? The kind made out of chain link fence. I think it has a fence roof.

  7. That's a big problem, but she's so sweet. Could you put her in an enclosed stall during the day and let her out when you're home?


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