Saturday, May 2, 2015

Queen Bee

Jackson is walking normal (for him) so this morning I moved him into the mare's pasture.  He immediately got to work on the grass which is much thicker than in the pasture he shared with the donkeys.  Lucy ran up to him, spun, squealed, and kicked (she never makes contact).  Jackson trotted off a few strides and got back to grazing.  Lucy went back to the hay feeder where Pistol was busy eating.

Brett and I rode in the late morning.  When I went into the pasture, Jackson lifted his head and walked towards me.  Lucy glanced at him and then marched over to me, cutting off Jackson.  He got back to grazing.

It was a bit warm during our ride, in the upper 70s, but both Lucy and Mufasa were great.  Lucy's trot was elevated and smooth, she was relaxed and the little bit of canter work we did was nicely cadenced.

Afterwards, I washed the sweat off of Lucy and led her back to the pasture.  Jackson and Pistol were by the gate.  Lucy put her head and tail in the air, going into alpha mare mode.  I backed her up, told her to put her head down, and we tried again.  It took quite a few review repeats before Lucy decided to walk next to me like a lady and not rush the gate.  Jackson took one look at Lucy and walked away.  Pistol hung around, hoping for extra cookies.  I shooed her off and brought in Lucy.  She stood quietly while I removed her halter, ate her cookie, then wheeled and raced off towards Pistol and Jackson.  They sighed, moved off a few steps, and started grazing.  Lucy strutted off and had a thorough roll in the grass.

The three horses spent the day peacefully.  Jackson at one end of the pasture, eating; the girls at the other.

-- Until Lucy saw me by the fence taking pictures.  She and Pistol walked over.  Jackson kept his distance (he's no dummy).

Lucy was fine until she caught me taking a picture of Jackson.  Then she saw Pistol walking over to say hi to Jackson and she lost it.  Miss Lucy Queen Bee had to go buzzing over and re-establish her authority.

She charges Jackson but never bites him or kicks him.  He trots off four or five strides and she is mollified.  In a few days, she won't be pushing him around at all.

Jackson is like a mild mannered Charlie Brown to Lucy's ... well, Lucy.


  1. lol- that last line made me laugh. Lucy is Queen of all she surveys and your are hers and cannot belong to anyone else!

  2. Lucy spends a lot of time and energy maintaining her position! It's a lot of work staying on top. For you too - reminding her who is really in charge.


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