Monday, May 25, 2015

A Good Long Busy Weekend

Brett and I flew down to San Diego Saturday morning.  Camille met us at Brett's sister's house and from there all the girls bundled into cars and went to a baby shower for our niece, Jan.  It was lovely. When Camille pulled up in her little turquoise car I ran out to the curb to meet her.  I'm pleased to report that her eye is, indeed, healing great.  You have to really look for the scar and once it fades from red to white, I'm sure you won't be able to see it at all.  We toasted Camille's 21st birthday at dinner -- she will be celebrating for the next few weeks with her friends, I'm sure.

Sunday, we enjoyed brunch with Brett's sister, brother, their spouses, and all the nieces and nephews.  It was a crowded, happy, noisy affair.  We flew home Sunday night.  We had a good time; enjoying family and far too much food.  We were hoping to see Brett's youngest grandson but that didn't work out.  It's the only bummer about the trip.

This morning we retrieved Kersey from the neighbor; she exploded out of their house and straight to us.  I think it had more to do with wanting breakfast than anything -- Rich and Fran spoil her rotten.  When I take her over to their place she pulls on the leash and whines in her eagerness to see them.

This morning we drove out to our favorite local farm to buy peaches since we missed the farmers market Saturday. Then we rode.

Brett had a great ride on Mufasa; who stood quietly for the halter and was calm throughout their time together.  He stood perfectly still while Brett mounted and waited until Brett asked him to move off. They've been working on that.  Brett said he had one of his best rides ever on Mufasa.

Lucy met me at the gate and walked out nicely when we went into the arena.  She was reluctant to trot tracking right, and refused to canter on that lead.  The other direction was fine.  There was nothing obviously off, but I could feel her discomfort; so subtle that it was almost intuition.  I know Lucy well enough that I could tell it wasn't attitude.  She was sore.  We called it quits.  I'll continue to give her lots of rest between our rides.

Later this afternoon we had neighbors over for a BBQ.  Like I said, busy!  But busy in a very good way.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  We'll be thinking of Brett's dad who served in WWII and was part of the Normandy landing.


  1. Happy Memorial Day! It sounds like a good weekend - busy but lots of rewards too.

  2. I am so very happy about Camille... I have been wondering how she has been doing. Thanks so much for sharing the good news, Annette!


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