Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mending Fences

Last night the rain started and it kept up all through today.  The rain was welcome and we were thrilled with the steady downpour.  Brett watched TV, I made cookies and did laundry, and Kersey lounged next to Brett.

In the mid-afternoon I heard a loud crash from the direction of the oak pasture.  The boys were in the barn so I wasn't worried about branches falling on them.  The oaks self-prune when the wind blows and the rain falls.  It's a good thing...

...unless the limbs land on the fence.

I helped Brett put in a couple t-posts and prop up the fence.  Someday, we will need to replace the fence but, for the time being, all we can afford to do is mend and prop it up.

The storm was pretty much done by the time we did the evening chores.

Lucy and Pistol were a mess.

The goats were demanding dinner.

Mufasa was impatiently waiting his turn to be taken back to the oak pasture with Flash.

Ranching defined: mending fences all the time.  (I'm not complaining; we love this life)


  1. You have such a wonderful life and I'm glad you were able to get such a beautiful place for it when you had to move. Love the rain, we only got a little over night. Lots of dark clouds, but they didn't part with anything.

  2. THERE IS NO END TO CHORES!! Rule number one of farming / ranching. Your pastures are looking nice and green. :D

  3. mending fences, repairing stalls, stacking hay, feed, shavings....

    who needs a gym membership?
    I wouldn't trade it for the world


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