Monday, November 17, 2014

Kersey at K

The weather Sunday (and today) was cold.  Okay, okay; not as cold as in Kansas or Nebraska or New York but still, for us, cold.  We started out at 33F and topped out, briefly, at 55 before dropping back into the 40s.

Kersey alternated between laying in the sun and the shade.  She opted for a mix of both while Brett was grooming Pistol.

She moved into the shade while he rode.  Kersey follows us all over the property.

She kept a close eye on Brett and Pistol.

Jackson wagged his head at her as we went by and then got back to the business of grazing.  Knock on wood, putting trail boots on him when it rains has been working really well.  Five rain storms so far and zero abscesses.  I think that's a record.  We have a series of three storms coming in later this week.  Fingers are crossed.

After Brett finished riding, Kersey watched us from the barn doorway while Brett took off Pistol's tack.

It's a dogs life here on the ranch.  Rough, really rough.


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