Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Fine Fall Day

We had steady rain yesterday and all through the night; almost an inch and a half.  We'll take it.  This morning was cold, in the low 40s, and the mercury didn't move much all day.

We moved the horses back out to their pastures at lunch time and they all promptly rolled.

I opened the gate and let all the chickens out of their pen.  They spent the afternoon by the creek bed, scratching for worms.

We have one tree with a bit of fall color by the barn.

But there is lots of color in the valley so we aren't lacking for brilliant reds, oranges and yellows when we are out and about.  And, there is always the wreath we picked up at a church bazaar this morning.


  1. It's always so lovely to visit your place. And your horses are worse than dogs, rolling in the mud.


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