Friday, November 28, 2014

Celebrating a Day Late

The first thing Brett and I did this morning was check on Flash.  He was standing in the pasture, in the sun at the bottom corner, with Mufasa.  He didn't look very perky, but then, he rarely does.  I went to the barn and got the thermometer while Brett pushed the hay cart out to the pasture.  Flash ambled over and nosed around in the hay while I lifted his tail and took his temperature (so undignified for a retired mounted patrol horse like Flash).  His temp was well within normal.  Brett and I grinned at each other (I think there was a tear of relief in the corner of Brett's eye), and we went back to the barn to mix up their buckets of supplements.  I wouldn't say that Flash is eating with gusto, but he did finish his bucket and eat some hay.

This evening we are celebrating Thanksgiving with a group of our friends and neighbors.  I have a turkey in the oven, bread dough rising for dinner rolls, and a pumpkin pie cooling on the counter.

Dinner is a potluck so the rest of the meal will arrive in the arms of our guests.

Its hard to feel completely celebratory, though.  We found out Wednesday that a friend of Brett's has cancer.  There are more tests being run today to determine if it has metastasized.  It's a tough one to beat.  And, another friend -- the guy who built my beautiful kitchen -- is in a coma (last we heard) at UC Davis following an off-road motorcycle accident.

Hoping all of you are happy and healthy.  Treasure your health; it can change so quickly.  This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the good health, strength and stamina of my husband,


  1. you're so right - every day we can move, breathe, perform tasks on our own is a gift. it can change in an instant. and i'm always grateful when my 4-legged kids are well, too. :)

  2. I hope you were able to rest and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with friends. We overdid it as usual, but everything tasted great at our belated dinner. Good news about Flash.

    Good health is a bonus that we can't take for granted. Glad you are both doing so well.

  3. I am still trying to imagine a horse letting you take his temp. Such a mixed bag of emotions in this post. It really makes one even more thankful than usual.

  4. Amen on the good health gratefulness.
    Glad that Brett and Flash are well. Pretty, puffy pie! (fresh from the oven?) :D

  5. Yes, the pie was fresh from the oven. It lost it's puffiness by the time we ate it. Michaele, Flash is a very stoic well behaved horse. In addition, he was so listless that he really didn't care about me taking his temperature.


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