Sunday, November 16, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Brett hasn't ridden since early August -- maybe late July, even; not since he had his knee replacement surgery. The couple of rides on Mufasa before his surgery didn't go well; Brett came off twice in a two week period. Once, Mufasa spooked and went sideways (Brett didn't) and the other time he panicked as Brett was mounting for a lesson. Something about the arena worried Mufasa and he took off with Brett who had one foot in the stirrup. So, unsurprisingly, Brett was a tad apprehensive about getting back on.

He decided to use Pistol for his first post-surgery ride. She is steady and low to the ground, unflappable and strong. Brett wasn't sure how his knee would feel and how well he would be able to swing his leg over the saddle.

Pistol was thrilled to help. She turned around repeatedly to thank Brett while he worked to remove the mud from her hair and dreadlocks from her mane.

Mounting was a piece of cake. Pistol stood perfectly still while Brett swung his leg over and settled into the saddle. They walked around the pasture, both smiling and enjoying themselves.

When Brett asked Pistol to trot she immediately obliged.

Brett nudged her into canter and she hesitated a moment as if to say, "Are you sure?" Brett asked again and off they went into Pistol's lovely rocking horse canter.

Brett said the muscles on the inside of his knee felt a bit weak and sore, but otherwise he felt good. I think they looked great together.

Brett put Pistol back in the pasture and Lucy immediately came over, nuzzled Pistol, and asked "What are you so happy about? Did you get extra treats?"


  1. Calm, reliable, willing horses make the best emotional and physical therapists.

  2. What a sweet mare! So glad his first post-surgery ride went so well.

  3. Way to go Brett! Smart move starting on Pistol. I have a feeling you will be riding her again. Can Annette get on Mufasa first, before you start riding him? Glad your knee is good when you are in the saddle...I never had problems with it either, not even posting. You have turned the corner. Yes.

  4. What a sweetheart Pistol is. Glad the ride went well. You never know how things will feel the first time you get on after surgery.

    I rode Dusty at a walk and trot after my knee replacement. Never had a problem. It will take some time to get the muscle back. Happy riding!


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