Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Vaccinations

This afternoon Dr. Mike came to give the horses and donkeys, all seven of them, their fall shots.  He and his assistant loaded up their syringes and we headed out to the mares' pasture first.  The goats met us at the gate and formed a happy, energetic circle around and among us as we walked over to Lucy and Pistol.  Dr. Mike: "I see your goats are very well socialized."  Understatement of the day.  Lucy stood still for her shots and then crunched the cookie that was offered to her by the assistant.  Pistol wasn't sure and initially ran a few steps backwards, but then stood still.  Rabies, West Nile Virus and flu/rhino for both of them since they leave the property on occasion.  Their teeth aren't in horrible condition but could use a tune up.  We'll take care of that in December when the vet clinic runs a dental special.

Next we went to see Jackson and the donkeys.  Dr. Mike immediately noted that Jackson is getting around well and in excellent weight.  His teeth are also in the best shape of all the horses and won't need work done this year.

Tuffy and Finessa were good about their shots as well.  Tuffy can be feisty, pulling and hopping and kicking but not this time.  Dr. Mike knelt next to him, showed him the needle and touched the spot on his neck where it would go.  Rabies and West Nile for the donkeys and Jackson.  Tuffy was so eager for his cookie, after his shots, that he got a mouthful of the assistant's sweatshirt and missed the cookie all together.  He was more gentlemanly when it was offered again.

Last, we went to the boys pasture.  Flash was up first.

Flash loves shots.  He doesn't flinch or move a muscle.  He eats his cookie.

Then he looks for more.

Flash could stand to lose some weight and is definitely arthritic.  We will continue his current regime -- 24/7 turnout so he can move those joints and bute on his extra sore days.

Mufasa was up last.  Considering how difficult it is for Mufasa to trust strangers, he did very well.

His teeth looked good so it will be Lucy, Pistol and Flash who go to the clinic next month.

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