Saturday, September 20, 2014

Still Smokey

This is what we are living in:

Lovely, right?

The fire is still only 10% contained and growing every day.  I believe it is over 80,000 acres now with the length being over 20 miles.  It is still burning away from us, thankfully.

This morning the newspaper had a graph showing the fire and concentric colored circles indicating smoke density.  You guessed, we are right in the middle of the worst smoke area.

We decided to drive south-west to the town of Volcano for lunch and then do some wine tasting in Amador County which isn't in a "hazardous to your health"  smoke zone.  Needless to say, I didn't ride Lucy this morning and I didn't take Kersey for a walk.

My sister, my neice and my son are all visiting my dad this weekend; wine tasting as well.  The drive (six hours) to his place is a bit more than Brett's knee can handle yet so we didn't go.  Kyle called me while we were out; my dad had a bit of an episode but he is, thankfully, fine.  It did give us all a scare though.  I am very thankful that my sister was with him when it happened.

Tonight as we were finishing chores, we got a few drops of dust dimple rain from the orange tinged sky.  Hopefully, it is raining harder over the fire.  At the least, the increased humidity and cooler temperatures should help the fire crews -- who have come here to California from as far away as Alabama and New Jersey.  I'm wondering where Dom's friends, who are here fighting the fire, are from.


  1. Annette, praying for you and your dad this weekend. I have friends in Oregon who are threatened by the 36 Pit fire there... I don't know how you all handle it. Will pray for safety for all of you.

  2. how awful. that smoke cannot be good for any creature!

    I hope that there is rain soon.


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