Thursday, September 18, 2014

Smelling Smoke

California is on fire.  At least, that is how it feels.  It seems like they just finished fighting the Sand Ridge fire south-west of us and now the Kings fire is devouring the forest to the north east.
Photo courtesy of Capitol Public Radio's website

Yes, it is close to us.

No, we aren't in any danger.

This fire, unlike the Sand Ridge one, is burning away from us.  It is 73,000 acres as I write this and only 10% contained; heading deeper into the National Forest.  Last night, it leapt through the canyons and advanced 15 additional miles by morning.
Another Capitol Public Radio website picture.

We woke at 2am, our bedroom smokey, our throats burning and eyes watering.  Brett got up and closed all the windows in the house.  During the day, the wind blows the smoke north east, towards Tahoe.  At night, it shifts and blows straight over us.
It does make for beautiful sunrises

The firefighters say that this fire is like a seven headed dragon.  It is going in different directions, all at once.  They are concentrating on saving the communities on its western edge and letting it go deeper into the National forest where there are no homes.  The drought has killed many of the pine trees and that, combined with the fact that no fires have burned in this particular area for many years, has created a perfect fire storm.

The DC-10 planes full of flame retardant fly over our house and into the mushroom clouds of smoke, big and loud over our ranch and then as small as gnats entering the smoke of the fire.

I'm checking the Cal Fire site multiple times a day.  The monster fire just keeps on growing.

And the worst part?  Arson.  It was started by some demented fire bug.  In custody.  Bail sky high.
Tuffy and Finessa are keeping close watch on things. 


  1. How do the animals handle the smoke. I can't imagine what it's like to go through this.

  2. Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you all for the last few days. Sending best wishes that your ranch and your neighbors keep safe.

  3. so, so sorry. and so very sad. all the wildlife. the homes, people and pets in danger. the lives at risk fighting it. the expense.

  4. I heard that it was arson last night on the news. That's just sick that someone would do that.

    I hope that you and the critters stay safe and are OK in all the smoke.

  5. Did you hear about the people sending drones in to capture photos and endangering firefighting aircraft?
    I'm glad you are safe.
    I wonder how they tracked down the arsonist?

  6. Stay safe. I have a few friends out there fighting it...

  7. Prayers for the firefighters. What would we do without them. So glad they caught the guy. Please keep us informed.


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