Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Little Drop of Rain

Last night, as Brett and I headed upstairs to bed, lightening lit up our room and thunder crashed.  We were surprised at Kersey, who sat looking at us with her tongue hanging out and her usual happy grin.  Sedona was absolutely undone by thunder, ripping screens on the windows to shreds in an effort to get inside.  It was really the only time she wanted to be inside and, even then, she would sit on my foot and whine pathetically.  Unlike Kersey who wasn't going to let some pyrotechnics interrupt her beauty sleep.

We hoped that there would be enough rain to counteract any lightening strikes and to help the firefighters working on the King fire.  This morning we woke to cloudy skies and a few hundreths of an inch of rain in the rain gauge.

It was just enough to turn Lucy into an appaloosa.

In the mornings, the horses get their vitamins and supplements.  Kersey is always happy to clean their bowls afterwards.  There isn't much left, just a few crumbs of low starch supplement with a bit of glucosamine mixed in.

While I got to work mucking the donkey and mare pastures, Brett doles out hay to the goats, donkeys and horses.  He takes care of the hay because I am allergic to it.  If he isn't home and I need to feed hay, I wear long sleeves and gloves and hold my breath a lot.

The sun was just peeking over the hill as we finished up.

We didn't have nearly as much smoke today; just a faint whiff of it in the air.  After church (first time Brett has been able to sit with his knee bent long enough to get through a church service), we went to the nursery and picked up more gopher repellent.  Yep, they ate three more plants.  I bought two big bags and plan to use it liberally -- its organic and won't hurt the plants or Kersey.

Brett's knee is doing well.  He walks with no limp at all (unless he's tired).  He's trying to make it through the night without pain pills and that's going okay.  The knee wakes him up and he tosses around a lot, but he doesn't want to be dependent on the pills for sleep.  Starting tomorrow, he will have full morning chore duty by himself.  I have been going into work late so I can help him but my five weeks of doing so are over.  I'll be heading down the road as the sun comes up instead of heading out to the barn.  (I'd rather head out to the barn).

The rain overnight helped the fire and the lightening doesn't appear to have caused further fires.  The King fire is 17% contained tonight.  There have been ten homes burned to the ground and 22 "other structures."  There were some displaced people in church this morning -- it really brings the tragedy of the fire home.

Have a good week everyone.  Fall starts tomorrow.  Yahoo!!


  1. i wish it had brought much more rain. you desperately need it.

  2. So glad to hear that you and your farm are ok. The fire was discussed on the news this morning and I was worried. Sounds like Brett is doing well.

  3. Praying for all those affected by the forest fires in your state, and in Oregon, where a good friend lives. She, too, can see smoke at her house, and they are keeping the windows shut.

    So glad to hear Brett is doing better, and I don't know HOW you cope with your hay allergy!

  4. This has been a horrible year for fires around us, too. Glad you're all doing okay. Oh, and I know what you mean about rather going out to the barn!!

  5. Glad to hear the good news all around. How awful to have farm animals and be allergic to hay. Praying for more rain for you instead of us. : /


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