Thursday, September 25, 2014


The rain started overnight with a heavy misty wetness.  Then, after I left for work this morning, it started coming down.  And down and down and down.  All morning long.

It looked like the rain gauge was pretty full when I got home this evening.

So, Lucy, how do you like being a muddy ranch horse?

Galloping in the rain, rolling in the mud, a big appetite from all the fresh air... what could be better?

Pistol's been there, done that.  She was a bit more sedate about the weather, demonstrating to Lucy how to stand under the oak tree, in the stream bed, where it was dry.

Brett told me that the boys went crazy in the rain as well.  Mufasa was bucking in place, then launching himself down the length of the pasture.  Jackson got in some bucks and farts -- and even Flash joined in for a few minutes.  By dinner time, they were sedate... and filthy.


  1. Rain is good! So are happy horses...

  2. This is probably a dumb question (well maybe not) but does that rain mean the wildfires will be snuffed out? Or will it just damp them down a bit?

  3. Ahh, muddy horses. The best!

    Glad you guys are finally getting some rain, and hoping that you'll get lots more soon!

  4. hallelujah!!! very well needed for you all!

  5. How great you got that much rain. Nothing here, but fall is in the air, at least in the mornings, then it gets hot again. Love your horses, you have so many!


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