Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pistol's Excellent Day

Today, Pistol's mom came to visit her at the orphanage.

No, Brett.  That isn't right.  Yes Buffy came to visit Pistol but this isn't an orphanage.  ...or maybe it is...  Stop confusing me!

I gave Pistol a bath this morning so Buffy's hands wouldn't get filthy giving Pistol belly, neck and body rubs.

Lucy was not pleased.  In fact, she was a royal witch (with a capitol B).

What do you mean Buffy is Pistol's person?!  Everybody belongs to me.  Everybody, I tell you.  She whined, then pinned her ears and lunged at Pistol.

Pistol got the full spa treatment this morning -- shampoo, conditioner, hair mane styled, tail scrubbed.  And then she got to spend time with Buffy (and George).

What could be better?


  1. how sweet. i bet she loved seeing them.

  2. that's a lot of white to keep clean! She is a very pretty mare.

    Poor "Miss Center of the Universe" will have to accept that sometimes it's not all about her. ;)
    good luck with that.

  3. Awwwm poor Lucy! And Pistol is VERY white! Quick, get that horse some mud, lol!

  4. What a special day! I bet she didn't even smell like a horse : )


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