Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Good Weekend with the Kids

Kyle and Camille came to visit this weekend.  Camille flew up from Southern California and Kyle drove over from San Francisco.  They arrived Friday -- Camillle in the afternoon and Kyle in the evening; just in time for dinner (pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw).

Friday, before Kyle arrived, Camille made friends with Lady Gaga...

and we took Kersey for a long walk.  (Kyle and Camille took her again last night -- and Camille jogged part of the way; poor Kersey -- she got quite the work out).

Saturday, we went out to Skinner winery for a tour of the vineyards and grape crushing activities followed by wine tasting and food on the terrace.

Later in the afternoon, we scattered Sedona's ashes under the tree where she loved to chase squirrels.  We put up her memorial stone.  The artist, who we found at the farmers market, captured Sedona's beautiful spirit perfectly.

For dinner, I made clams and mussels from a cookbook Kyle gave me last Christmas.

The garlicky parsley breadcrumbs made the dish.

The kids and I ate far too much fresh sourdough bread.  But you gotta live, right?

This morning we went to Apple Hill and did some apple picking before hitting the sushi place for lunch.  Kyle is dropping Camille off at the airport on his way back home.

(photos of the winery and Kersey were taken by Camille and generously shared with me)


  1. sedona's stone is gorgeous. glad you all had a good weekend.

  2. (yes, all of my dogs have been bit by snakes - some several times. the moccasins aren't as bad as the copperheads. they don't even want to engage the copperheads any more - they sound the alarm and wait for me to come with the shovel. i've had to take 2 to the vet for bad reactions to copperheads. most of them can make it through with aspirin, benadryl and time).

  3. What a great "foodie" weekend. Camille is such a beautiful girl! How is Brett doing?

  4. Sounds like a perfect week end, having kids home really make things feel good. The stone is beautiful.

  5. Sounds like a lovely family weekend. #missmygirls !!

  6. Sedona's stone is gorgeous. It sounds like you had a nice time with Camille. Take care Hug B

  7. So glad you had a good visit... and the stone for Sedona is gorgeous!

  8. Those are the weekends to beat all others. You are so lucky to live in wine country. The memorial is beautiful but chokes me up.

  9. I forgot to say that you do need to strain the mint leaves before making the jelly. The recipe is inside the Sure Jell box.


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