Monday, August 4, 2014

Video of Lucy

A lot of you have asked me for a video of Lucy.  And I've been slow to provide that.  We had a problem -- we couldn't find our video camera.  It's been "missing" since we moved.  We were almost at the point of buying a new one when I found it the other day when I was digging around in the boxes in the barn.  I charged the batteries and voila! we have a video.  Brett is still too sore to ride so he agreed to take the video for me.

The video shows a typical schooling session with Lucy.  I spend most of my time getting her to relax across her topline and then getting her to stay in a relaxed and focused state of mind.  She can do the stuff; its her anxiety that gets in the way.

When I take lessons with Sandy, she tells me to be more firm with Lucy and to insist on a correct frame -- Lucy knows how to do it right; she'd just rather not.  I've thought "picky-schmicky"  because we are gold at home.  Um, no.  Video doesn't lie.  Lucy pops her head up like a llama a lot more than I thought she did.  So, I need to be firmer without losing the sense of fun Lucy and I share when we work.  Work?  Nah, we're playing.

Oh, and those are our roosters you hear crowing in the background; and that is Pistol you hear calling for Lucy.

And here's the link if the video doesn't work for you:


  1. Great to see you guys in action! How lovely it must be to ride such a lovely, well-trained horse.

  2. What a lovely pair you two make! She looks like a joy to ride. :)

  3. Love the video. So glad you have a beautiful horse that you are comfortable with.

  4. You guys are poetry on motion. I enjoyed the sounds of your place.

  5. Lucy looks fabulous - she's a really good, regular mover. You guys look look like you are really starting to click, too. I see what you mean about popping the head though. Sandy is right - you do need to be more firm with her (darned trainers are always right, aren't they!)
    Can I make a suggestion about the counter canter loops? Would you try stepping it back a bit and schooling a shallower loop for a while? It would build up her confidence in you and in herself. I think her anxiety may be coming from the loss of balance when she goes through the corner afterwards.
    Best of luck to Brett with her surgery & rehab afterwards.
    PS having terrible problems commenting using opened so I am switching to using my google account


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