Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Flash Helps Pops

Flash has always been loyal to and protective of Brett. Flash is a soldier, doing his job and not letting emotion interfere. He is an aloof horse who tolerates, but doesn't seek out, affection. He watches out for Brett, though. Maybe he sees himself as Brett's security detail, his bouncer, as Silver with Brett as the Lone Ranger.

When we first bought Flash and were still boarding him, Brett tore the ACL in his knee while swinging onto Brett's back. It wasn't anyone's fault; the ACL was damaged and looking for an excuse to tear. Brett managed to slide off of Flash and hobble to the fence, using Flash to hold himself up. I tried to lead Flash away, back to his stall, so I could take Brett to the doctor. Flash refused to leave Brett until he was convinced that Brett would be okay. The same thing happened when Brett was injured during training for mounted patrol. The guys helped Brett off and tried to take Flash to the trailer. Flash wouldn't leave Brett so they hobbled back to the truck together.

This morning, Brett wanted to help with chores. He was very stiff and sore from overdoing it yesterday. Finding the line between exercising the knee and doing too much is a fine one and it constantly moves. The farrier was coming today so I told Brett that I would move the boys from their pasture -- which is big and far from the barn -- into their stalls. That way, the farrier could easily get them to trim their hooves and put on new shoes. The girls' pasture is right next to the barn so they were fine staying out. Brett wanted to help. I agreed to let him bring Flash into the barn (as if he needed my permission, he does what he wants). Brett limped out to the pasture with me and put the halter on Flash. I already had halters on Jackson and Mufasa so they wouldn't interfere. We followed behind on the walk back to the barn. It was hard to tell who was leading who. Flash doesn't march at the walk, he ambles; a good pace for Brett. They made their way slowly with Brett leaning into Flash. Brett probably won't admit it but it looked to me like Flash was supporting Brett and making sure Pops made it to the barn okay.

Talk about a partnership... the two of them have it in spades.


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