Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eggs for Breakfast

This morning I headed to the barn to feed Kersey and Brett went to open the hen house and feed them chickens scraps from last night's dinner.  He came into the barn with the first egg from our flock.  It was palm-size at most, perfectly formed and pearly white.  I was in the process of carrying two bins of supplements out to the mares but eagerly reached my hand out to hold the egg.  I started towards the house, juggling the egg in one hand with the bins balanced on my forearm.  And then I dropped the egg.  Kersey, walking next to me, had it for breakfast.  I saw it fall, heard it crack, and then it was gone.  Kersey said it was delicious.  But, then, she thinks horse manure is delicious so her opinion is suspect.

Brett said, Better that you dropped it than me.  He knew that I wanted to take a picture of it for you and that I was disappointed in not being able to do that.  He was happy to have no part in the egg drop incident.

We are back to hot days this weekend.  The nights are nice and cool, in the mid 50s, but the days are back up to the low-to-mid 90s.

Last night some neighbors came over and we drank margaritas and sat, talking, in the garden until well after dark.

This morning I rode Lucy.  When we walked outside a bit after 7:00, Lucy saw me and started galloping like a nutcase around her pasture.  I decided to ride her after breakfast instead of before.  She clearly wanted her hay and she wanted it ASAP.    So, it was already 80 in the shade with the sun beating down when I fetched her from her pasture at 9:00.

 I tacked her up in the barn where it was cooler.  We only rode for a few minutes; that sun was doing a number on both of us.  We cooled off by walking under the trees and then I gave her a bath.

I put her back in her pasture, still wet, and she immediately rolled.  Wet horses love to roll, its hard-wired into their DNA.  The minute I slipped the halter off, she started pawing the dust and snorting.  Then she lowered herself into the dirt and groaned with pleasure as she flipped from side to side.

We have friends coming over this evening for dinner.  In the meantime, we are hiding inside and the horses are hanging in the shade or by the water trough.


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