Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lucy and the Tractor

Last Sunday, Brett was busy getting things done around the ranch since he knew he'd be out of commission for awhile after surgery.

We thought Lucy might be a bit skittish around the tractor.  No.

That she would at least give it some respect.

And not eat the seat.

She didn't want to let Brett back on the tractor.

I think she wanted to drive...

Brett came home this afternoon.  He's settled on the couch, with his knee elevated waaaaaaay above his heart, an ice machine keeping his knee nice and cool (extra bags of ice in the freezer), and Kersey sleeping at his feet.


  1. Brett is very smart to use all those pillows and lots of ice. Just don't let him do too much too soon. I'm sure you are both happy to be at Oak Creek tonight.

    Good for Lucy getting used to the tractor. Don't work too hard Annette.

  2. Glad Brett is back home again and hope his recovery is smooth.

    My Dawn and Red are both like Lucy when it comes to equipment - they are real snoops, getting in the way and trying to figure everything out - expect it's a sign of intelligence.

  3. Brett looks absolutely cozy! Hope he recovers soon. Our horses have no respect for equipment either. Truth be told, I believe they feel like they could handle things much better!!

  4. I don't know if you read the Dancing Donkey blog, but Kris' horse Tess has a love affair with her tractor, Lucy's reaction sounds a lot similar.
    It's good to see Brett looking so well.

  5. I've been through knee surgery, and I applaud Brett for the smile on his face!!!


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