Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Kitchen

I've been meaning to post about our kitchen remodel for quite a long time.  It was a post I was looking forward to sharing with my mom and after her death, well, I just couldn't face it.  I had spent too much time picturing my conversations with her as she looked at the pictures.

We moved into the house just over a year ago and there were two things that needed immediate attention: the floors and the kitchen.  The new flooring went in first.  The kitchen had yellow, stained and faded linoleum.  The previous owner put a lot of money into the house before he flipped it.  Most of that went into a new septic system, roofing and plumbing.  But, he also put granite countertops and new appliances in the kitchen.

We started getting bids on replacing the cabinetry, selected a contractor, developed plans and then started work in November.

That center island cabinet was one big empty box, with a door on the sink side of the kitchen.  No shelves and you had to crawl all the way in to reach the back.  

The space above the refrigerator was wasted space as well.  I needed storage capacity, and lots of it.  I had a large kitchen at Aspen Meadows -- and it was full.

The drawers were not very deep.  They did not go back the whole width of the counter.  The corner cabinets were impossible to access.
We wanted to save the granite and a large part of the reason we selected the contractor that we did, is that he said he would try to remove it in one piece and then put it back on.  The other guys wouldn't even try.

I packed up my dishes back into the moving boxes we had saved and we started living on take out.  I didn't get my kitchen back until Christmas.

The new cabinets were installed in December.  Yes, that is snow outside.

I love the lazy Susan in the corner bottom cabinet and the tall, narrow cabinet for baking sheets.

The glass doors for the upper cabinets went in next.

And this is where we sat for months while we waited for the new pantry doors to come in.  We made the pantry wider so the shelves would be easily accessible.  The doors were "custom" ordered from Home Depot to fit -- and had to be sent back twice because they arrived damaged.
I am particularly happy with the center island.  Narrow shelves on the ends for my spices and deep pull out drawers, on both sides, for pots and pans.

There are cupboards above the refrigerator now, and the pantry doors look great.
I love how this kitchen flows; its very cooking friendly.  I don't have to walk miles to get what I need and it's beautiful to boot.  My parents were with us last Christmas so my mom got to see the kitchen complete (except for the pantry) but she never saw the "before" pictures.  She had looked in the windows while we were still in escrow and said "Oh, Annette, are you sure you are up for this?  It looks like a lot of work."  It was, but it was (and is) worth it.


  1. That's great , quite the job isn't it.
    We are doing a small bit of kitchen updates here in the old farmhouse too .
    Love your header !

  2. You must love spending time there!

  3. Lots of work, but at least you had a contractor. It's a beautiful kitchen now, and I especially love your island.

  4. LOVELY! I am super jealous... we're still a few years out from our kitchen remodel. Yours is inspiring!

  5. I love kitchen renos. I love how homey it looks and that island is fantastic

  6. Very nice. I especially like the cabinet above the fridge, the pantry doors, and the baking pan cabinet.
    I'm not a fan of the center island's red stain though. I think it would look nicer if it was the same color as the rest of the cabinets.

    Kudos to the contractor for being able to remove all the granite without damaging it.

  7. That kitchen would be a true pleasure to work in. Your mom is still so much alive in your heart and always will be.


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