Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Work at Dinner Time?

Are you crazy??

These pictures are actually from breakfast.
But, you can see how much Winston likes food.
He brought his grain bin out into the sunlight where he could see every last bit of his vitamins.

When it was empty, he flung it around.
Maybe he was hoping it would loosen the stubborn bits in the creases.

I rode him this evening after work. 
It was dinner time.
He was not pleased.

You could say he was being downright pissy.
And that would be an understatement.


  1. I understand, and would not like to work at dinner time either. The horses are too distracted and it usually does not end up being a good experience. They don't understand why their routine has changed. He does have quite a personality, that sweet boy.

  2. Naughty boy! We had some like that over the years, we got the idea of giving them a token feed before my daughter rode - just a handful of nuts - it seemed to make them think they were not being so badly treated after all.

  3. lol. I've been there done that with horses. it's not fun but it is useful.

  4. Isn't it interesting how they are tuned into those "clocks" and don't be messing around with it either!

  5. such a monster! it is ALWAYS the boys that act like this...

  6. That Winston is a mess! Love the last picture. Val also believes work and dinner time don't mix. :D

  7. He and Wilson must be distant cousins.


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