Friday, January 25, 2013

Muck and Mud

We are in the middle of a series of rain systems moving through Southern California.  The first two or three systems are coming from the south, down in Baja California (which is actually Mexico).  They are bringing rain but are tropical in nature so it isn't cold outside; temperatures are hovering in the 50s.  The last system, which will arrive Saturday evening or Sunday, is from the north.  It will be cold but it is also possible that it will be far enough north that it misses us all together.  We shall see.

The goats were all in their shed when I went out to throw them their morning hay, staying dry.  I was pleased to see that Thistle was up and perky with his head bonnet still firmly in place.

He didn't move away from me when I approached so I knelt in the straw and scratched his back and sides, the way he likes.  He turned his head towards me and touched my nose with his.  We are friends again.  Then he went over to eat with the rest of his herd.

When the weather is bad (rain or cold or wind), we keep the top of the Dutch door closed.  It keeps the shed warm and dry but the goats can come and go as they please.

The pasture was slippery and wet.  Picking up manure was not easy or fun.  Fun, you ask?  Yes, fun.  I enjoy mucking the pasture.  I enjoy looking at the mountains, at the hawks and crows, at the pond and at the horses.  This morning, I only had Jackson for company. 

Yesterday morning, he came out into the pasture from his paddock while I was mucking.  He chose a nice muddy spot and rolled.  Then he pogo stick bucked.  Landing, he dug his hind legs into the mud and pushed into a gallop, faster and faster, all the way up to the top of the hill.  I can't remember the last time I saw him to more than a bouncy easy canter.  I ordered more of his insulin resistant meds last week.  Clearly, he's doing very well with the stuff.  This morning it was too slippery to gallop so he just sloshed around until Brett brought down his hay.


  1. what is it with gray horses and mud????

  2. Glad to hear Thistle has forgiven you. He resembles a pirate goat in his headgear. My neighbor gray enjoys a good mud wardrobe as well. I'm lucky my mare prefers to stay clean!

  3. Yes, I second that question - what is it with white horses and mud too? We always laugh and say that this is proof of God's sense of humor! My Ladde, mostly white and easily 17 hands is mud-coated/chocolate-dipped continually this time of year!

    W're back to some rain and warmer temps too. Oh goody.

    That is the cutest little goat shed. I love it!

  4. It's wonderful to see Jackson feeling so good!
    They say to be careful what you wish for, but could you please send a little bit of that rain this way?

  5. Oie it does look muddy and slippery. I'd say yuck but we'd love to have that moisture! Thistle really is stylin with his new hat!

  6. You muck in the mud? You are dedicated. Wonderful to hear about Jackson - now I am off to catch up on what happened to Thistle that he has underpants on his head. (sorry - too much tea this morning)

  7. That's a lot of mud! And I think it's a job to pick up the dog doo and now I only have two dogs. I'm so glad thistle and you are friends again and that he is doing well.


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