Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Stills: One Tree

This is our storm tree.
It is in almost every post I write; showing our daily weather.
We planted this sycamore tree in 2002, the year that we built our home.
Sycamores are my favorite tree.
They are native to our mountains.
We planted a lot of them.
Sycamores have jigsaw puzzle grey bark,
large maple shaped leaves,
green in the summer,
covered with fuzz in the spring,
brown and gold in the fall.
Last winter this tree lost half of its central trunk
during a storm
with sideways sleet, hail, thunder and lightning.
The limb snapped in two
and we found it with its tip
touching the ground
in the morning.
Now it is bushy at the bottom 
and sparse at the top.
It's a wounded warrior,
still standing strong.
Our storm tree.


  1. awww. glad it is still with you!

  2. Amazing what a tree will put up with and still survive.

  3. Glad you still have it and that it seems to be doing well after being damaged. Nice picture.

  4. Nicely done, thanks for sharing your special tree!

  5. Nice shot and good story about the tree.

  6. Love the poem and what a cool tree. I know nothing about them.

  7. It will make a comeback when the weather changes!

  8. very nice, more of a pleasant look, chilling one :)


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