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Kate, at A Year With Horses, posted today about the registered names, the barn names, and the nicknames of her horses. I thought it was great -- so I decided to post on the same topic. This post is also a test. I'm posting from my iPad and if all goes well, I will use it to post from the show this weekend.

Like Kate, I'm not big on registered names. The worst one belonged to our big TB, Strider. His registered name was Dances Secretly. Ugh. It sounded like a name for a call girl, not a trail horse.

Flash is an American Paint Horse. His registered name is Jody's Lucky Devil and is taken from his lineage, like they do with QHs. We like the name and it suits Flash. He came to us with the barn name, Flash, and we kept it. I tend to call him "Flashman." Brett calls him "Mr. Flash."

Jackson is also a Paint. His registered name is Twistin Turbo. When I bought him, his barn name was Turbo but he was such a laid back cowboy that I changed his barn name to Jackson -- thinking of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He does have his Turbo moments, though. I usually call him Jackson but sometimes I use "Jacksonian."

Winston came to me with that barn name. His previous owner thought he was an old soul, wise beyond his years, and level headed. He named him for Winston Churchill. Winston is registered as an Appaloosa Sport Horse and his official name is Presto. I like both names and I think they both suit him. He is usually level headed, but he also has a lot of power with big gaits. I call him "Winster" a lot.

Mufasa is a registered QH. His registered name is Wily The Drifter (also out of Driftwood Ike, like Kate's Red). He came to us with the barn name Mufasa. We weren't sure about the name at first. Brett wasn't familiar with the Disney film, The Lion King, and didn't want a little kid name for his mounted patrol horse. We thought about using Drifter but he's not a drifty kind of horse. The more we got to know Mufasa, the better that name fit so we kept it. He is a kind, wise horse with an impressive mane. It fits. So far, the barn name hasn't morphed into a nickname.

What names do your horses have? How did they get them? Do tell!

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  1. Love the story behind Winston's name!

    Going to post on this too. Thanks for the xmas tree info. :D

  2. Fun! I'm going to have to do this too!

  3. zim is a shortened version of his registered (arabic) name. gem i named as she didn't come w/ a barn name - poor thing lived for 22 years being known as bahjah.

  4. Love all the stories - Mufasa is a great name!

  5. Well, Queenie's registered name is Wyndam Hills Little Queen - so Queenie comes from her name. My husband calls her Cassie - not sure why, lol!!!

    Pyxar is not registered and I named him... sometimes I call him Pyx or Pyxy-boy when he's being a goofball...

  6. Great topic! I love hearing the registered names of horses and where they come from- I might do my own 'name' post on my herd.

  7. My pinto is registered as BootScootinBoo....sire was named SpookieDo...Barn name for him has always been Boo...I often call him Bozo tho...becausehe has a clown personality... The Palomino's barn name is Caesar, named by my friend who owned him...He is regeistered in a color registery Palomino breeders something or ruther....he is under the name Caesar's Will to Win Gold...Looked it up, registery is Palomino Horse Breeders of America....I call him Cees, Blondie, or Golden boy on occasion.... Tara

  8. Gato has a funny name story. I should do a post about it!

  9. I love that you named Jackson after Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My old stomping grounds : )
    I used to have a registered Appaloosa and the first part of his name was Chocto - after the Choctaw Indians.

  10. Same thing goes for dogs and registered names. Very interesting and I'm glad you kept Mufasa! :) I love learning their names.

  11. Dances Secretly totally sounds like a Native American Stripper... like dances with wolves, but...


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