Saturday, January 19, 2013


...from the icy cold weather.
We're back to Southern California "normal" 
Highs in the mid 60s today and yesterday

...from the shock of the plumbing work to repair all the damange from the pipes bursting;
two plumbers, two and a half days;
replaced pipes, faucets, water main valves
and the barn water heater.
Brett can do basic plumbing;
this was major.
Homeowners insurance said the barn pipes are not covered.

...from the flu/cold something or other I picked up at the show.
Still only able to work in spurts with couch time inbetween;
I did ride Winston yesterday,
for 15 minutes.
We got the "Saturday canter" --
the canter I felt in my lesson last Saturday at the show;
It was awesome.

That's a brand new muck rack that Winston is trying to step on.
He's so helpful. 


  1. sounds like you've warmed up just in time - to feel the pain of winter bugs and curse of the pipes. :)

  2. oh that is a lot on your plate. Thank heavens it's all fixed now. fingers crossed that this is it!

  3. Yay! it feels like being in a jetliner ready to take off, doesnt it? When the hindquarters engage, then everything can happen!

    and sorry to hear about all the plumbing$$ That very much stinks - the forces of nature sometimes are NOT appreciated when it comes to repairs...;(

  4. That's a lot to recover from!

  5. Bad news about the plumbing bill! And I hope you feel better least you got to ride Winston and felt good at the canter.

  6. Awww he's just trying to help. Nice he's remembering that canter, keep up the good work and get healthy miss!

  7. Sorry to hear about your water pipes and that insurance won't cover it. I hope you feel better soon! Winston is so cute and it's good you were able to get a short ride in.


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