Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Off To A Good Start

Today the sun came back.

 In December, we had 16 days of rain.  I don't think we've ever had so many days out of one month with rain.  It's only January 2nd and I'm already done with winter, with rain, and with damp cold.

But today, like I said, the sun was out.  It was chilly with a stiff, cold wind in the morning.  By late afternoon, the wind had died down and the temperature was close to 50F.  Brett went down to ride Mufasa.
Can you see him down there getting Mufasa ready to go?

I finished up my last bit of work and hightailed it down to the barn to get in a ride before dark.  Jackson, Flash and Winston were hanging out together, watching my approach.  Can you believe Jackson made it through all those muddy, wet days in December?

Putting Jackson in the paddock where the ground drains and dries faster than the stall run-outs has been brilliant.  Brett put a water trough in the run-in so he doesn't have to slog down to the pond if he doesn't want to.  Jackson used it so much, and it kept his feet dry, that we decided to make it permanent.  Brett started putting in a water line so we can fill it with a faucet in the run in shed.  You can see the pipe in the corner, marked with a big rock so Jackson doesn't step on it.  If it were Winston, the pipe would be chewed to bits by morning but Jackson is beyond that baby behavior.  Thank goodness.

Brett and I both had great rides.  Brett and Mufasa looked like a team and Brett said he felt like he was really riding Mufasa instead of just careening around the arena.  Gayle gave him great instructions in his lesson and he's already made progress.  Winston and I worked on canter and leg yield.  His attitude was willing and full of effort.  His trot was solid and his canter is starting to come together.

On Monday, we bought a tack trunk for me to take to the show later this month.  My friend, Heather, told me about it.  The box is actually a tool trunk from Home Depot.  $68 instead of $200 like the ones in the tack stores and easily as big.

It fits my tall boots, my tack box, my braiding bag, my helmet and my show pads -- with room to spare.  I bet I could fit my saddle in if I wanted to -- not necessary since we have saddle racks in the horse trailer tack room  I love this thing.

After riding, we did the chores.  Finessa and Tuffy were crowding me.  I must be overdue on a donkey post or something.  The cuties.

Mufasa has settled in well.  He eats with the others, he rolls, he takes naps in the sun and he canters around playing with Winston.  He seems very happy and devoted to Brett already.

No rain in the forecast for the next week.  Yes!


  1. Sounds like a great start to 2013. Hope it augurs well for the year.

  2. Great progress for sure. How could Mufasa and Brett not connect...they are a real team. It looks like things have really dried out in the paddocks and the horses and donkeys are doing well. Not to long before your show...the tack trunk looks great (and on wheels).

  3. I am so happy for you that Jackson is doing OK in all that rain. We are also having a lot of rain,but hot,hot,hot and VERY humid! Tell Brett I am impressed with his new horse...I missed that bit!!! Good to see you guys so dedicated to your riding.

  4. Annette-- Your days are looking brighter. Jackson looks great. Here's to everyone keeping the feet and hooves in good health this year. Those donkeys are the cutest ever! Stay well and enjoy the sunshine. xo teri

  5. Nothing like sunshine and a day that goes right. Love that everyone is getting along and doing so well. I keep forgetting you have donkeys - glad they are insistent about being part of the blog.

  6. No kidding - haven't seen those cute donkey faces in a while! So glad Jackson is doing so well, just a little creative thinking and ta-da! So glad to hear you are all back riding again now!

  7. glad that Jackson is doing well. Irish is going up and down.

    I have the exact same tack trunk for shows and find it extremely handy. it will also hold me to stand on it which can be helpful.


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