Friday, May 23, 2014

Random Five Friday

1. Another hot and humid day today. Brett and I tried to sit on the front porch with a glass of wine but we didn't last long. The mosquitos and flies were buzzing furiously, landing on Brett's cheek, on my arms and on the dogs. We gave up -- gulped our wine and started on the evening chores. I remember backpacking in the Sierras when I was a kid -- and hiding in my tent to get away from the mosquitos. This is our first spring at Oak Creek Ranch; now I know what to expect -- beauty and bugs.

2. Sedona barely touched her breakfast this morning and refused her dinner tonight. She wouldn't even eat her raw meat. I managed to get a small piece, hiding two pain pills, down her throat. She chewed slowly, swallowed, and looked at me mournfully. I'm hoping its the heat and not pain that is causing her to lose her appetite. I'm more than a little bit worried. She will be twelve this summer and we've had her since she was a puppy.
This picture was taken last fall.  No leaves on the ground now.
3. Winston update: Sandy said that Winston hasn't been in a bad mood for weeks. He's been a lot of fun to ride. I'm happy and it makes me wistful for the days that I rode him regularly and thought he was the most fun horse ever. He clearly needs regular work -- which I can't provide. Sandy was able to work through his resistance and that combined with his increased fitness, has brought back the horse I loved when we were living at Aspen Meadows.
Having fun at Aspen Meadows
4. There has been a steady trickle of people calling about Winston. Most of them are attracted by his color and are not strong enough to ride him. Yesterday, an older woman came to try him -- looking for a seasoned, steady trail horse. Ummm, no. She pretty quickly decided that he was too much horse for her. I'm not sure how she got "bombproof trail horse" out of his ad which clearly states he needs a strong rider to deal with his strong personality.

5. Today a young girl, maybe 13 or 14, came with her mother and aunt to try Winston. They have an appaloosa at home, love him, but he's retired at the ripe old age of 30. The daughter rides dressage with a trainer. Winston would be in full time work. I wasn't at the barn when they came, but I heard that the girl rode Winston very well. I also heard that when she finished riding him, in the arena and out on the small trail that circles the paddocks, she couldn't stop smiling. She covered Winston in kisses and he ate it up. Winston loves attention more than just about anything and he got a lot of it from this girl. Fingers crossed....


  1. that all sounds very positive. Fingers crossed that it works out.

  2. Loving the thought of Winston and his (potential) new girl...

    Hoping Sedona feels better soon!


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