Monday, May 5, 2014

Going Solo with Lucy

Sunday afternoon Brett and I went down to the barn so I could ride Lucy and to watch Sandy Savage's ride with Hilda Gurney in the clinic.  We tried to be as inconspicuous as possible since we were "sneaking a peak" at her ride.  We didn't pay to audit the clinic since we were just going to be there a short time and only planned to watch Sandy's ride.  She and Releve looked elegant, as always.

After watching Sandy's ride for a bit, I went to the big barn and fetched Lucy from her stall.  We mosied back over to the covered arena and watched some more of Sandy's ride while Lucy munched on grass.

 When we thought Sandy's time was up, I put Lucy in the cross-ties and started getting her ready to ride.  This was my first time working with Lucy on my own.  She was good in the cross-ties, good about picking up her feet, good about being brushed, although she did try to sample my rubber curry comb.

I tacked up and then we headed out to one of the outdoor courts that was not being used for the clinic.  As we passed by the covered arena, we could see Sandy and Hilda working on getting half-steps with Releve.  They were still going!  We had ducked out too soon.  We watched the end of their work and then continued to the outdoor dressage court.

Lucy and I reviewed the work from my lessons last week.  She was relaxed in the walk.

She fusses a bit when you first take up the contact.  It's really the only time she fusses.

I gently worked our way to contact and then moved into Lucy's beautiful trot.

We worked on getting her together and then on leg yield, shoulder-in and haunches-in.  I felt like I was starting to get more organized with my aids.

There were other riders in the court next to us but Lucy didn't care.  She just kept working.

The afternoon was quite warm and their was dust coming up from her feet and the other horses.  I was starting to fade.  I do not deal with heat well at all.  We called it quits after the last haunches-in which I was quite proud of.

Rushing?  What rushing?  Lucy was quiet and steady.  I did my best to be the same, with a tape of Sandy's voice playing in my head: "elbows at my waist" "thumbs bent" "turn the wrist to get bend" "counter flex to help Lucy relax" and "keep her together."

I don't think I'm going to have any trouble working with Lucy at home.  I think I hit the jackpot with this mare.  We click.  She's sensitive, which I like, - and I'm quiet, which she likes.  I'm looking forward to our journey and our partnership.  We're on our way.


  1. She is a lovely mare - so glad you found her!

  2. You must be so happy! Lucy is beautiful, talented and kind. She knows all the cues and you will be able to fly.

  3. She is a gorgeous mare. I love mares.

  4. Plus, she is a gorgeous bay! Good for you, Annette! I'm so glad for you!

  5. It's nothing like finding your match. And she is beautiful too.


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