Friday, May 30, 2014

Lucy's Home!

After work today, I had a lesson on Lucy.

Lucy's energy level was high and she really didn't want to settle.  Maybe she knew there was a big change coming for her after the lesson.  She wasn't too pleased about being walked out to the trailer at dinner time and hesitated before loading.  Sandy stood behind her and encouraged her -- and Lucy followed me right onto the trailer burying her face in the hay waiting for her.

When Brett pulled into our driveway, with me following behind, Pistol started running the fence line, calling to Lucy with her tail in the air.

The boys came down to the end of their pasture and joined in the welcome.  When Brett lowered her window, Lucy poked her head out and surveyed her new home.  She seemed pleased.

She was even more pleased when she walked off the trailer (very calmly) and sampled the grass.

Brett fetched Pistol from the pasture and Lucy calmly followed her into the barn.  They are in stalls next to each other and are getting acquainted across the fence that divides their run-outs.  For the most part, they are peacefully munching on the grass in their turnouts with just a few squeals here and there.  Lucy didn't seem aware of the miniature donkeys in the next pasture over.

While I was making dinner, I heard a ruckus outside.  Tuffy and Finessa were racing around their pasture, playing.  Lucy was snorting and pacing in her run-out.  Pistol was watching with calm amusement.  I called to Lucy and she stopped and looked at me.  She retreated to the far end of her run-out and watched the donkeys from there.

Donkeys, goats, chickens... poor Lucy.  So many animals to get adjusted to.


  1. Congratulations. I hope you and Lucy have many happy years together.

  2. It's so fun to bring a horse home, congratulations! I'm sure she loves her new home.

  3. Lucy is going to love Oak Creek, not to mention having a pasture and new buddies. You must be so happy!

  4. Relax, be careful, have fun :-D. Are you going to be trailering back over for lessons?

  5. Annette, I'm so glad for you!

  6. Lucy is extremely fortunate to be added to your herd. I bet she is going to find new ways to show her gratitude. I want to l live in the mare pasture! It looks so wonderful.

  7. welcome home Lucy. you're going to love it

  8. What fun! and now the real bonding begins...


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