Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gates and Fences

This past Christmas, one of my gifts from Brett was a garden gate.  He promised to build me one by the summer.  He's been planning and designing the gate ever since, thinking about what kind of wood to use and what kind of decoration.  He asked a local guy who makes iron gates to make him an oak branch.  He found a heart made of horse shoes.  Our neighbor Marv gave him some beautiful redwood.  And he got to work.

He put the gate frame up first and parked the tractor to block deer and other animals from going in the garden.  Deer could jump over the rose bushes next to the tractor but Passage thought the tractor seat made a great bed so it did serve a purpose.

When I pulled up the driveway after work on Friday I could see the gate, and the sunlight glinting off of the oak leaves.  It was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.  Seriously.

This afternoon, I helped Brett with the pasture fence.  The fences are all in sorry shape and Brett is constantly having to reinforce them.  At some point, we will replace them but at this point we can't afford to do that so it's t-posts and wire.  The most recent fence fail came as a result of Pistol flirting with the boys, or vice versa.  Not sure who pushed the most but together they got the fence halfway down.

There's always more projects waiting in the wings.

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  1. i LOVE your personalized gate!

    if you have time, i'd love if you linked this post in to Good Fences on Thursday at my site. it is a great gate to share!

  2. Gorgeous gate! Love the blue/grey color and the metal accent :)

    I hear you on the pasture fences. Ours need redone too. Got a quote just to see how much it would cost to just pay someone. We both work and don't have days off together so it makes projects like this take FOREVER to get done. Anyway..for 1320' 6x6 posts with a 2x6 top rail and mesh or chain link--he said cost would be the same with either material, $19800 plus tax. Posts only, 11,400. Tear out old fence, 4600. I couldn't believe it. Maybe I'll start a fence business lol

  3. the gate is beautiful. And I agree about the never ending list of chores.

  4. Great election of different fences. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The new gate is wonderful... It's not just beautiful.. It's exceptional because of the love and caring that went into it's making.

  6. THANK YOU for linking this in!!! :)

  7. Ah yes, beautiful, it goes to show some things are worth waiting for. I like the heart on there too, and of course helper kitty! Very cute!

  8. your gate is so pretty. How sweet of your hubby to build it for you.


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